Unleash the Powerful Software Tools Awailable with Active@ Data Studio 18

Posted by Harold H Jackson on February 4th, 2022

Anyone who owns a PC could benefit from a customizable and powerful suite of digital tools. There are so many unpredictable challenges and use case problems that can sneak up on individuals that having a set of tools to bail you out when you need it the most is essential. That is precisely what the updated version of Active@ Data Studio offers to users - a broad set of digital tools to enhance their PC experience.

Active@ Data Studio is a collection of 12 disk tools. They include Boot Disk, KillDisk, Disk Image, File Recovery, Partition Recover, UNDELETE, Password Changer, Partition Manager, Disk Monitor, Disk Editor, CD/DVD Data Burner, and ISO Manager. Active@ Data Studio 18 includes the latest versions of each separate tool.

Take any of these tools, and you\'ll have a powerful way to change your Windows admin password or capture an image of a hard drive to save for later in case your most recent update crashes your system. These are more than background admin accessories. These are critical applications that give you way more control over your system\'s health and operation.

The best part is none of the tools from Active@ Data Studio requires in-depth knowledge to utilize. You don\'t need to be an IT manager with years of experience under the belt to take full advantage of what is included in this suite of tools. All of them use a standard Windows Wizard that guides you through the many customizable options and specifications you can select to get the most out of the individual app.

You can also schedule the majority of these applications so they can run in the background of your PC while you\'re at work, running errands, or catching up on sleep. In case something happens that catches you off guard, there is a convenient View Log that shows any changes to your machine while you were away.

Active@ Data Studio includes a demo version that lets you explore the many advantages of each tool. However, to finish most operations like changing an Admin password instead of just viewing previous passwords, you\'ll need to purchase one of the tiered license packages. This includes Personal, Corporate, Site, and Enterprise.

To explore all the other features and get a more in-depth understanding of each unique application and tool inside Active@ Data Studio, be sure to visit its website at https://www.disktools.com/index.html. In addition, LSoft Technologies have an excellent support team willing to answer any questions or inquiries you may have about the customizable software.

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