Nature Gives Hope at Valley of Flowers Trek

Posted by Johnny Daniels on February 6th, 2022

Profile: When his friend was feeling low, Aditya Sharma took him on a trek to heaven on earth or the valley of flowers trek. 

Chronic diseases take a lot of our loved ones away from us. When my friend lost one of his family members to a deadly disease, he lost the hope to live. I couldn’t see him suffer and booked our valley of flowers trek. He was hesitant to go out after so long. When we started our hike, I saw him happy for the first time in a while and, he thanked me for the trip.  

When we started hiking and were around 4 Km away, the view had already begun to stun us. Valley of flowers was true to its name as we got to see a variety in flora and fauna. We read the board that listed the species of flowers, and there are said to be 500 varieties of flowering plants. 

Our purpose was clear, to come for the valley of flowers trek from Delhi and live every refreshing moment amidst nature. We were surprised by the views of majestic mountains covered in some snow and clouds with greenery around the hills and the whole trek. 

Everything seemed beautiful beyond words, and we couldn’t stop gawking whenever we saw any view with a stream running in the middle of hills covered in rich vegetation. We traveled for the valley of flowers trek from Delhi, for the sight of a wide area covered with flowers and, the way to it filled with scenic views.  

Although it was an easy trek, we got a little exhausted, but the view was worth the climb. We could see some dandelions and minion flowers already on the way. From there on, we got accompanied by pretty flowers throughout the pathway. We were looking for more until we reached the source of that beauty, the valley of flowers. 

While enjoying the valley of flowers trek, we kept in mind our concerns related to the environment like, not leaving in the garbage and refilling our water bottles in the fresh streams instead of buying a lot of use and throwing water bottles.  

As we reached closer, the views got more mesmerizing, and I could feel goosebumps after seeing something so beautiful. We captured the views of the valley in our cameras, but it missed the essence of the valley of flowers. The beauty of that heaven on earth is felt best in person. Experiencing all of those with a naked eye was a pleasure that we could never recreate. It was too therapeutic to see those myriads of colorful flowers moving with the wind and the fragrance touching our souls.  

After a day of trekking, we both left the floral valley with high hopes and moved ahead with more places to visit there. Overall, the valley of flowers trek was an emotionally moving experience. A place that is full of great adventures and learning with nature. It went straight to my revisiting adventures list.

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