A Step by Step Guide to Recovery of Shares from IEPF

Posted by Infiny Solution on February 7th, 2022

Several individuals who put a lot of money into shares and just drop it or their family members who have contributed any sum don\'t claim that cash before their death. Presently, this cash may stay unclaimed for quite a long time. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) emerged with Investor Education and Protection Fund rules in the year 2017 to guarantee that the dormant cash lying as unclaimed shares can be moved to the legitimate beneficiary proficiently. The guidelines express that any sum essential for the Unpaid Dividend Account of an organization for over seven years ought to be moved to IEPF, which will deal with the cases on these assets consequently. This article discusses the claim of shares from IEPF

What shares are transferred to IEPF?

If certain shares are not claimed for a successive range of 7 (seven) years or more gets moved to the IEPF Authority fall under the accompanying heads-

  • Dividends are given by an organization unclaimed by an investor

  • Shares as for the folio under which the shares are unclaimed for a successive range of 7 years

  • Deposits which get matured with the organization other than banking organizations

  • Every maturing debenture unclaimed with the organization

  • Application cash got by an organization concerning an application made for any security and due for a discount

  • The deal continues of portion shares which emerge out of issuance of extra offers, mixture, and consolidations of organizations

  • Recovery measure of shares unclaimed by an investor

What are the steps to recovery of shares or unclaimed money from IEPF?

There are different steps that need to follow in order to have iepf shares claim.

Stage 1- Claimant to the Authority

A petitioner needs to apply to MCA through IEPF Form-5 with certain credentials of their specifics, organization, and shares to be guaranteed.

Stage 2- Claimant to the Company

In the wake of filling the web-based discount structure, the inquirer ought to send it to the Nodal Officer of the concerned organization with connections like the bond of indemnity, official receipts, and authentications connected with deposits or debentures, and so on, which will help in check of guarantee with the organization.

Stage 3- Move from Company to Authority

An organization needs to make a case confirmation report wIthin 15 days of getting the case structure alongside account details. And send it to the expert in the endorsed arrangement of the authority in charge.

Stage 4- Giving the Claim by Authority

The authority will give the case to the inquirer after checking all archives and the structure sent by the organization.

Given that the inquirer has asserted offers, the authorizing authority will arrange a discount to be paid to the Demat account of the petitioner. In the event that there is any sum, it will be moved to the ledger of the petitioner. Typically, the authority discards claims within 60 days of getting the confirmation report from the organization.


The petitioner can document just one merged case for an organization in one financial year against one Aadhaar Number. Indeed, even the details of various Folios of one organization should be remembered for the combined claim.

However, assuming that the inquirer is the legitimate beneficiary or replacement or the chosen one of the enrolled investor, then, at that point, the person needs to guarantee that the organization and a qualification letter finish the transmission method is given to the lawful beneficiaries and afterward just record the IEPF Claim with authority.

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