How To Ensure Getting Bail in Austin and Houston, TX

Posted by allaboutbailbondshouston on February 8th, 2022

It is alarming to note that more than 4 million Americans are arrested and jailed every year. Unfortunately, not all of them are offenders but may have merely been at the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the reality, it is important to be released from jail at the earliest to prepare a defense. This can be done by putting up the required bail amount and promising to be present on a specified date and hour in the courtroom. Again, not every defendant has the required amount handy. This makes it essential to hire an experienced bail bondsman in Harris County and Liberty, TX.

The said individual provides surety for the defendant in exchange for a small fee. It is essential to counter-check the facts and decide in favor of a bail bondsman who is reputed to be one of the best in the area. One may also contact a bail bonds company and employ an agent who has the requisite skills and experience. However, it is most important to consider the following before agreeing to the terms & conditions and handing over the fee.

License- The agent in question should be a professional operator and qualified to be a bail bondsman. Same for the agency that such an agent represents! The dependent has the right to inquire about the license and ask to see it before finalizing the deal. There are a few agencies that showcase their license right at the entrance. Even when the license is not immediately apparent, it makes sense to ask about it and be fully satisfied with the legality before hiring such an agent. One may also search for the bail bondsman to determine whether the license is valid. There are instances of agents operating with restricted or suspended licenses. Being aware of the license number also helps in tracing the bail bondsman and avoiding scams.

Fees- Admittedly, the service does not come for free. However, the amount is not up for debate. It is advisable to check the regulations with the court personnel and pay 10% of the specified bail amount. This is the norm for almost all States across the country. Being offered the same service at a reduced rate should make one suspicious as the procedure may not entirely be legal. Paying a higher rate is also a strict no-no, for it amounts to fraud being committed.

Contract- It is essential to be aware that nothing works at face value anymore. The mere exchange of words is not legally valid either. The defendant must make sure to ask for a written contract before paying the bail bondsman. Apart from the fees, schedule, and payment terms, the contract should also include the penalty to be paid for non-appearance in court.

Approaching a reputed agency known for obtaining bail in Austin and Houston, TX, is the best way to ensure an early release from jail.

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