Facts About NYS Disability Insurance in White Plains and Long Island City, NY

Posted by cafaroinsny on February 8th, 2022

Being an employer does not mean earning profits from successful business operations. It means taking adequate care of the human resources at the same time. Sure, an employer can always provide multiple benefits to the employees. Still, the addition of NYS disability insurance in White Plains and Long Island City, NY, can be highly effective in the long run. It makes sense to read through the law and mandated disability act introduced in 1949. The business owner would be interested to know that the law makes it mandatory for employers to offer disability coverage to all employees working for at least 30 days a year.

The prospect of obtaining disability benefits may be a trifle confusing as most employees are eligible for worker\'s compensation after being injured or disabled on the job. The disability benefits insurance in New York is not the same. Instead, the employees become eligible for it when injured or ill when not working for the company. The said employee must be employed and earn a salary when sustaining injuries or contracting an ailment.

The ones eligible for getting this short-term benefit include:

  •  An employed individual drawing a salary
  •  A recently employed individual collecting unemployment benefits at present. The concerned person should have held a job for at least a month before becoming unemployed. The employer needs to be covered by the insurance plan.
  •  Employees who changed jobs from one covered employer to another covered one. The tenure of employment should be continuous in this case.
  •  People handling domestic work or caregiving services for a covered employer, working for a minimum of 40 hours.
  •  Individuals who do not work for a covered employer but are keen to obtain the benefits via voluntary payment for coverage.

Who is a Covered Employer?

The covered employer includes every person who employs at least one person. Religious leaders, government workers, charitable trust operators, students offering voluntary services during vacations are exempted from providing such benefits.  

Who manages NYS disability benefits?

The \"New York State Workers\' Compensation Board,\" a part of the \"New York State Department of Labor,\" looks after short-term benefits provided to disabled employees. The \"New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF)\" has been set up to offer insurance plans to all covered employers working within the State.

A few employers choose the self-insure method wherein they agree to pay the disability benefits to the employees directly. Employees need to contact the employer to coordinate the process as and when required.


  •  The employee stands to get 50% of the average wages that is limited to a weekly amount of 0.
  •  The benefits will be paid from the 8th day of injury/disability/illness. The first seven days are the mandatory waiting period that remains uncompensated.

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