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Posted by bayinsurancefl on February 8th, 2022

Being able to afford the necessary health care expenses is akin to a Godsend favor. Medical expenses can be handled with ease when one qualifies for Medicare. Surprisingly, almost all eligible people over 65 years of age prefer to use Medicare instead of other insurance plans. As per the recent statistics, nearly 63.3 million older adults opted for enrolment in Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B. 26.7 million people found the Medicare Advantage plan provided by private carriers to be beneficial and suited to their needs. It certainly helps to check the 2022 enrollment plans in Tampa and Bonita Springs, FL, to ensure proper health care facilities. One can update the coverage based on present needs. Therefore, it is essential to be aware o the period and grab the opportunity to make changes as and when required. 

It is heartening to learn that the open enrollment for Medicare plans started November 1, 2021, and remained in force until January 15, 2022. This is also the time to choose the best possible Medicare coverage for first-timers. Unfortunately, the availability of numerous plans and their details may be too confusing to contemplate correctly. It helps to remain informed about what works and what does not for an individual. Some of the salient points of Medicare that needs to be kept in mind while shopping for the right insurance plan during the open enrollment period include:


It is a Federal healthcare program aimed at elderly citizens who have attained or surpassed 65. Younger people may qualify on account of special disabilities and severe health conditions. The benefits are dependent on the type of coverage one has. The different sections of Medicare cover the following areas:

  •  Part A- This covers the care of the patient admitted into a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or nursing home. Hospice care and at-home care may be covered as well. The period of care must be short as specified in the document.
  •  Part B- The services of a qualified doctor are covered by this part, where home visits, necessary medical services, ambulance services, and the cost for durable medical equipment are included. The cost of taking part in clinical trials is also covered.
  •  Part C (Medicare Advantage)- The plans here are covered by private insurance carriers who comply with Medicare guidelines and recommendations. One may invest in the plan as an alternative to Medicare. There may be some amount of co-payment based on the specific needs of the insured person.
  •  Part D- This provides coverage for prescription drugs. However, one must be enrolled in Medicare Part A, Part B, or Part C to qualify for this coverage.
  •  Original Medicare- This includes both Part A and Part B 
  •  Medicare Supplement (Medigap)- One can buy Medigap additionally to cover the gaps not covered by any of the aforementioned Medicare plans. 

Florida Blue insurance in Tampa and Sarasota, FL is an option that serves the community\'s needs by offering multiple cost-effective health care programs. 

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