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Posted by universalposition on May 11th, 2016

It’s natural that the science takes center stage in any discussion of immunology. Mindboggling discoveries and truly fascinating information tend to get the major share of attention. Recent studies regarding commensal organisms, for example, have basically redefined the whole nature of the human organism.

The problem for this extremely high value science, ironically, is that the business side of research is often severely underrated and understated. Immunological research and development works in a complex, competitive environment, and the mix of practical business issues can be complex, too.

In a complex environment, simplicity and efficiencies are major operational blessings. One of the most basic, and most challenging, areas of basic business in antibody R&D is sourcing materials. Even this very basic core process is being accelerated and complicated by new science to a virtual marathon of requirements, simply because of the ever-expanding range of needs of researchers and manufacturers.  

You wouldn’t think that sourcing such everyday antibodies as goat anti-llama HRP. for goat anti-llama FITC and goat anti-llama biotin had any particular level of complexity at all – Until you start developing new products.  The “new factor” is a major driver of research and development requirements for sourcing materials for new products.

These days you need a source which can keep up with your science, understand your needs, and even participate in your research on multiple levels. This is a new, dollar and capacity-based dynamic, with a range of issues built in.  

A good example of the new dynamics is a company called Capralogics. This is one of America’s leading suppliers of polyclonal antibodies, and it’s also a supplier of a range of services, including lab work and consultation, for major research. This approach, interestingly, is also the workaround for the need for a supplier able to deliver values at all stages of R&D, and it’s a good business model.

If you’re looking for better options for sourcing your antibodies, and need a supplier able to work with your research, it’s strongly recommended to check out their website here at  Study their range of products and services. Talk to their experts directly. You’ll see more than a few working solutions for your complex issues.  

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