9 Tips To Make A PE Study Schedule For Maximum Productivity

Posted by Wasim Asghar on February 10th, 2022

You have passed your FE exam, become an EIT, earned a valuable experience of four years under a licensed PE, registered for the PE exam, and are all set to take the PE exam.

Now what?

The one thing that is left which you need the most for successfully passing the PE exam is a PEstudy schedule.

This article will tell you the importance of having a PE examstudy schedule and tips about making a study schedule for PE by yourself.

So let’s get started.

Why Do You Need a PE Study Schedule

The PE Exam is well-known for being difficult, but let me tell you, that’s not the case. The exam is not that hard to pass if you are well prepared.


Preparing for the PE exam without the PE study schedule is like sailing a ship without a rudder – you don’t know where you are heading towards! 


Creating a study schedule for the PE exam is the key.


Your chances of getting failed might increase.


Finding time to study for PE exam along with your other routine activities is a hard nut to crack. That’s why you need a proper PE study schedule to maintain a balance between both your personal life and academic life.  

9 Tips for Perfectly Scheduling Study Time for PE Test Preparation

We have garnered nine tips for creating a perfect PE exam custom study schedulethat will help you better prepare for the PE test. Here they are:

1. Examine Your Existing Time Management and Schedule

The first step to creating a PE exam studyschedule is to analyze your ongoing pattern of schedule and how much time you put into your daily activities. You have to manage your time for studying by limiting or getting rid of those things in your life that aren’t productive and favorable to getting to your ultimate goal. 

For example:

You can temporarily delete your social media applications, or at least limit their usage, as they consume a lot portion of your day.   

2. Divide Your Free Time During the Week into PE Study Sessions

Take out your free time during the week and avail yourself of it by dividing it into PE study sessions. Plan to make a PE study schedule that dedicates at least 5-8 hours for studying each week. 

You can also download our free PE Exam Planner, which will help you schedule your study time more effectively. 

3. Plan Enough Time To Study Each Topic

List down all the several important topics of the PE exam on paper or in a document file. Then, plan about what you need to study from those topics and commit enough time to learn each one of them.

4. Prioritize Your List

After creatinga PE study schedule that summarizes all the main topics of the exam, start prioritizing your list.

It means:

You need to classify the topics by importance, determine which topics you must study on a priority, and which one requires more time to focus than others. 

5. Keep Well-organised Notes on Each Topic

Make well-organized hand-written notes for each topic. Writing things down will help you to memorize the information more quickly.

Your notes must contain:   

  • Tables and charts
  • Formulas and equations
  • Practice problems and their solutions 

6. Make Room for a Weekly Study Review

Your PE study schedule should have enough room so that you can do a quick study review every week. The weekly study review will help you better understand what you studied the whole week, what areas need more focus on, and what topics you are strong in. It will also help you figure out how much time you had dedicated to each topic and whether or not you achieved your weekly target.

7. Also, Leave Some Room For Flexibility in Your Schedule

While strictly following the study schedule for the PE exam, keep in mind that you have other things in life that you have to reserve time for. So make sure to leave some room for flexibility in your PE study schedule so that you can give time to your closed ones and other leisure activities. Take out time for those events that can’t be rescheduled, like wedding ceremonies, birthdays, appointments, etc. 


Don’t forget to devote time to your body. Take a good amount of sleep, and set aside time for exercise. It is a must-have for your body to function correctly!

8. Stick to Your PE Study Schedule

The most crucial thing is to stick by your PE study schedule. Otherwise, what’s the point of making the schedule, right?

Stick to your PE exam study schedule for a minimum of three weeks consistently. Then, you will become habitual to following that schedule because scientific studies demonstrate that it requires at least 21 days to make something a habit.

9. Take Short Breaks and Stick to Them

Studying constantly without any pause will not help you out, as it will cause extreme stress and burnout. Therefore, make sure to take short breaks of at least 15 minutes after every one hour of studying. 

How An Online Course Helps You Save a Lot of Time for the PE Preparation

An online course, such as our PE exam preparation course, could turn out to be a savior when it comes to saving time for the PE exam preparation. 

Because our online PE exam prep course:

  • Allows flexibility – you can learn at any time and from any place
  • Offers 100+ quizzes and lectures
  • Teaches about how to solve problems quickly
  • Keeps you stick to the study plan 

You save a lot of your time by enrolling in online PE courses as they only focus on essential topics that will appear in the PE exam.


The PE exam is not a hurdle that you can’t overcome. You can easily pass the PE exam if you have a proper PE study schedule, as it will give you a clear vision about what topics need to be focused on and will keep you motivated to get your target.


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