Introduction to the ‘Snakebite’ Drug

Posted by Trust care on February 10th, 2022

According to the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune, it has been witnessed that the rave parties which are conducted in Delhi, Gurgaon, Goa and Momumbai, have drawings of more and more people craving for a new drug called, ‘Snakebite’ as per recorded by the narcotic substance department, to get high and have the feeling of relaxation. The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune states that this drug is mainly made from the venom of snakes and is taken by human in direct snakebite manner, and is one of the most trending and an exotic substance abuse form which is known to be very popular mainly among the high flying drug range and abusers located in the suburbs of Delhi, Mumbai and Goa.

As per the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune, the party drug prices in Goa such as the DH150 or the DH37 mainly cost around the range of Rs2,000 going up to Rs5,000, per pill, and the gram value of K-72 or K-76 which is the snakebite powder mainly costs around the range of Rs 20,000 going up to Rs 25,000. Individuals who are interested in the snakebite drug usually purchase the venom from the smugglers or mainly from the specialised snake charmers or catchers, to sell their venom extracted in the black market or at times the process is conducted directly. Thus, the narcotics department\'s officials estimate that more than or nearly half-a-litre of the snake venom sells for around a million of rupees in the international market every year from India.

Officials also state that the police, the excise department and the Narcotics Control Bureau have conducted various raids and have arrested hundreds of such peddlers and consumers to put a stop to the consumption of ‘snakebite’, however the drug still finds a way back into the society, and the course goes on. In many interviews conducted by the narcotics department, it is stated that the abusers are mainly from the age category of 18 to 25, revolving around schools and colleges. As the availability of snakes is present near the jungles, the peddlers usually look out for snake catchers and ask them to directly take the venom out of the snake\'s mouth directly into small bottles or cups, and are then directly given to the consumer. Also looking at this easy money making scenario, many snake breeders now have bought pineapple and banana plantations as a hidden site to breed snakes, which are mainly extracted for the cobras, kraits, russell vipers and more. On the contrary, many pharma companies use the venom of snakes too, to save the life of many induced in various medicines, but this activity is now moving towards a direction of a mishap.

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