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Posted by goldsafe21 on May 11th, 2016

There's so much that I love of BnS, and at the same time so much that needs improving.

1. Startup times are hell, if I get a network disconnection at the beginning of a dungeon, I give up trying to return, by the time I do the dungeon is almost guaranteed to be over.

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2. The launcher always checking files takes too much time. If I didn't having to go through it each time there's a disconnect that'd be lovely. Why can't I just use the client's login screen, and not have it close down whenever there's a problem?

3. There needs to be some kind of cache of the loaded area. It's ridiculous that I waste over a minute on an SSD to switch between characters that are in the same town/area (often in the same spot), or that respawning inside an instance takes around 15 seconds (if I were alive, running back to the entrance would had been faster.

4. Blocks should be account based, not character based. Why each of my alts have their own block list? Why must I block each of another accounts alts? Makes no sense.

5. Upgrade requirements should be revised, probably lowered for older content. Once you are stronger than needed to clear current content, the grind to maximizing damage is sort of irrelevant, it gives people something to do. Yet, if you leave that grind in place when there's new content, that becomes an awful blockade against catching up, specially if the amount of players available to help you diminishes.

I could go on and on, but I'll leave it there for now.

Bonus: remove the lame "IP verification" process, or at least allow me to use wildcards to whitelist my provider. Since I dual boot to play BnS, I have to validate my IP pretty much everyday, and I have to do that as well if I try to use the forums from my cell phone while out.

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