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Posted by accolac99 on May 11th, 2016

Hello, RS fans! Inspiring news for you all! Jagex has announced that Boss Pet Overrides is available for you to summon familiars. Are you eager for this brand new way? Just buy enough cheap RS 3 gold from a reliable supplier to assist you getting the overrides. I recommend RSorder to you. It is a professional site to offer legal and rs3 gold to all old and new customers with fast delivery, and you can enjoy the comfortable trading process as well.

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Get the Boss Pet Overrides with cheap RS 3 gold.

You should defeat a boss and earn its pet drop firstly. Then you are able to use it as an override for any familiar you summon. Doing so will change your familiar to resemble the boss that you choose, and completing with fantastic new animations as your familiar performs its actions. Using the Boss Pet Overrides is a brand new and useful way to show off your boss slaying prowess!
“Just one more thing I would like with the boss pet is for the examiner to show your kill count on the corresponding boss.” One player advised on Reddit. If you can’t fight with the boss successfully, you can buy RS 3 gold for sale on RSorder to help you gain required skills and more experience.
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RSorder gives some suggestions on the new overrides.

As a brand new method, we should welcome it. However, the Boss Pet Overrides need to be changed and updated according to players’ demands. RSorder shows some necessary changes for Boss Pet Overrides in the future.
The Boss Pet Overrides should allow players to stack multiple familiars on it.
It should apply to the Chaos Ele's item if you died in the Wildy.
Lil' Tuzzy and Krar Jnr should be in the "Pet overrides" list.
Also, since the Eddy pet is obtained solely from the Big Edimmu, it's a boss in a sense.

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Dear, RS fans!Time to join RSorder May Top Deals:60% off RS 3 gold, Runescape 2007 gold /Seasonal DMM gold will begain at 03:00 a.m. GMT on May 16, 2016!

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