Ideas for Outbound Training Team Building Program

Posted by swapnil jukunte on February 11th, 2022

The life of metropolitan cities is very fast and hectic. People work in their offices day and night and then travel a lot to reach from one place to another. They have to travel a lot to reach the office on time and then work for the whole day. Every employee needs a break from such a hectic life. An organization must keep the employees engaged in some fun activities as well as refresh their minds. Also, cultivating a good relationship between colleagues is very important to create a healthier environment in the office. This increases the productivity and growth of the company along with the employees. 

The best way to enhance the relationship between colleagues is to perform various team-building activities for employees and organize various corporate development training programs. If the activities are performed outdoor, this will increase the interest in the employees as they get fresh air and a healthy environment and have so much fun while performing various team-building activities. A holiday resort near Mumbai or Pune offering various fun activities can be the best place for performing such activities. But what are the activities that could help in building a great bond between the team member?

Check out some brilliant ideas for a great outbound training team-building program for the employees.

  1. Treasure Hunt

It is a fun activity that can be played outdoor or indoors depending on the available space. In this, the employees are divided into two teams. One person will hide a few objects among that area and each team has to find those objects in the given period. The team that gets the highest number of objects or the one that completes the task on time wins. 

  1. Blind Fold

This is an interesting game which we used to play in our childhood but at that time we never understood the importance. In this, a person is blindfolded and other people guide him/her to retrieve a certain object. This can be played in small groups or teams. This is a great activity to identify how much pressure an employee can take while working.

  1. Active Listener

This activity could be tested for the employees that which one of them is the good listeners. In this deliver a speech related to the work routine of the employees and add some random unrelated sentences in it. In the end, ask questions related to the speech to identify who was listening.

  1. Pair Up

This is activity is for the freshers and newbies in the company to get involved with other team members. In this write the name of people on a bunch of papers along with the name of their partner and paste them at their back. Now, they need to walk around and find out the name written on their back and who is their partner. This is a fun and good team-building activity.

  1. Two Truth, One Lie

Another interesting game on our list for building a bond with colleagues. Take turns telling your coworkers two things about you that are true and one thing that’s false.

Have them guess the lie.

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