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Posted by accolac99 on May 11th, 2016

On May 6, Jagex has done a survey on Reddit to gather players’ opinions on redoing Mining and Smithing in OSRS. And there are many different ideas on this change. Some players opt for it, but other players are worried about this new change. No matter what your idea is, sticking to train this skill is the best choice. You can turn to RSorder to buy runescape 2007 gold , and we ensure you can experience the fast delivery and best service.
What does the rework of Mining and Smithing conclude?

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During RuneFest 2015, it was revealed that rework of Mining and Smithing will be released in September or October of 2016.
The rework will involve making the combat gear that is being created "more relevant to the levels that it is being worn at" as well as making the higher levels of the skills worthwhile.

Some opinions on this coming update are summarized by RSorder.

“What if in the future mining works like woodcutting? Each rock gets a number of ore. If the skilling is like divination/wc then it will be more than welcome.” said by one player. Definitely, many players are looking forward to seeing this new change.
According to players’ answers to the poll, PvM should be more valuable than skilling because it takes more effort to do. And the RS Team should make smithing weapons/armor with no strength/prayer bonus. It would be fine with smithed armor and weapons degrading. If it would be required to have something crazy like 90+ Smithing to fix my broken armor on your ironman, that would be too much.

How can you train Mining with 07 RS gold on RSorder?

Though it is going to be rework, training Mining is necessary now. A lot of dedication and patience are required in leveling Mining, especially if seeking out a high level. Most mining requires manually clicking on a rock for every single ore. There are some points for you to notice when you increase Mining skill.
1.Ores will spawn faster on worlds with more people on them. But other players are trying to train mining on a busier world. So try to find a balance between fullness of a world and the amount of competition at a training spot.
2.Make sure you use highest level pickaxe, which can affect how fast an ore can be mined. If you don’t have one, you can purchase 07 RS gold cheap on RSorder to help you gain one.
3.Higher level rocks take more time to respawn and take longer to actually obtain an ore. You can choose clay as well, it need less time to respawn.
4.You can sue the Superheat Item spell to increase the amount of time that can be spent in a mine as well as allow for parallel training

Training the Mining and Smithing skill is wise as you wait for the rework comes. Whenever you are searching for cheap OSRS gold to level up more quickly, just come to RSorder and place your order at once.

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