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Posted by Danyking on May 11th, 2016

Blizzard poster Ion Watcher has written a post and caused great sentiment among players. “Why would Blizzard do this? Can’t they see that everyone hates it?” If you head over to the official World of Warcraft forums, you will find this is a fairly common sentiment. If you want to buy cheap gold in WOW, come to Safewow!

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Watcher’s responses to player feedback

Ion Watcher has written a post in response to players concerned about a vendor found in Alpha selling items and mounts at very high prices. He informs the community that this vendor is not meant to be gold sink.
And he went on to explain a fundamental feature of the game, pointing that not every player will be pleased with every design decision every time.
In addition, these groups of minorities tend to clump together and only really associate with other players in their minority. Hardcore raiders, for example, aren’t too likely to converse with hardcore PVP players, and a casual guild of friends is unlikely to talk with either group. Because of this, players get into the mindset that everyone hates or loves something when in reality it is just within their minority.

Players’ reactions towards it

Players state that the problem with the current WOW dev team is that they are entirely being reactive in their communication. They are addressing an already volatile fan base. And they don’t focus on the problems which have a very reactive measure. Instead they focus on the solutions which are proactive measures. This is why Blizzard is only making their problems worse. Blizzard is not handling the situation in a way that will dissuade people from their unhappiness.

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