Advantages of a Thin Client

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Very Low Power Consumption The energy consumption of each thin client is 60 watts. Compare this to consuming 500 watts of old bags and multiply this by the number of users in an organization. You will see what is meant by reducing energy consumption. Now why is the consumption of thin client low? The reason for this can be found in the type of processor and their motherboard. Cheza, which uses 14-nanometer technology in its construction. On the other hand, the cooling system of these devices is not with a fan, which also has an important effect on energy consumption. Also, due to the absence of dust, it will have a significant effect on increasing the life of these devices.

Unique design Customers, due to their small size and the entry of art into the design of computer systems in accordance with the work environment and to produce visual beauty in a very stylish work environment with up-to-date design. Great post to read here Thin Client

Reducing Support Costs According to a study by HP, a thin client has 18 times less problems with a system case in 5 years. This is due to the thin client structure, as most components are integrated with the motherboard. Unique cooling system No dust enters this small computer. On the other hand, less energy consumption increases the life of the device. This drastically reduces the need for people / hours to support organizational systems.

By purchasing a thin client, you can add experience working with a variety of operating systems to your work file without using large bags.

Why buy from a Technoclient? Generally, the purchase of electronics, hardware chips, or software equipment has always been more obsessive on the part of buyers. Buying a teen client is no exception. Computer equipment, and especially thin clients, are usually the most basic tools of your digital business. So it is better to get this equipment from a place that is valid in the first place and then supports the warranty of its products. Finally, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to the dimensions, weight, communication ports, USB ports, network card port, type and number of video ports, and even the amount of audio output when buying a thin client from a reputable Technoclient store. 

Technoclint, by using the expert technical support team and as a reputable store, can provide you with a variety of thin clients and zero clients from well-known brands such as HP. Product warranty support, instant response and expert advice on buying a variety of web-based equipment to customers online, are other reasons that can encourage you to buy from Technoclient .

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