Mobile Phone Loudspeaker Market Manufacturers and Research Methodology by 2027

Posted by Pradip on February 14th, 2022

The implementation of a loudspeaker can vary from various mobile models. In the case of point, in order to save space and make phones thinner, some of the giant manufacturers have disabled usage of a dedicated loudspeaker, but instead, use the earpiece speaker to produce sound alerts as well. One way or another, whether loudspeakers are used for fun, conference calls, or just for everyday ringing, there is one single thing that comes up as necessary which is ‘loudness.’

The loudspeaker is generally a small sound driver that is fitted within a mobile phone, which is used to produce sound. Since mobile phones have started doubling in recent years with portable music players, the users have begun using the built-in speakers for playback of music as well. While emphasizing on this new type of use of the mobile phone loudspeaker,  manufacturers from all over the world have begun to equip their music or video-centric mobiles with more powerful loudspeakers along with a pair of loudspeakers for precise stereo reproduction and enhanced spatial effects.

Top Players Investing in Market Valuation

The top investors or market players of global mobile phone loudspeaker market are listed as Gettop Acoustic Co., Ltd., BeStar Electronics Co., Ltd, BSE Co., Ltd, Fortune Grand Technology Inc., CUI Inc., Dain, Inc., EM-Tech.CO., LTD, Regal Electronics, Inc., and Changzhou Su Yang Electronics Co., Ltd. They have been investing high shares and helped the market to rise double-digit in the future.

The mobile phone loudspeakers are used to provide sound alerts for various types of alerts such as incoming calls, incoming messages, notification, as well as alarms. The loudspeakers are also used to reproduce voice calls loud, which allows users to deal with calls hands-free and to participate in conference calls.

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Budding Mobile Phone Loudspeaker Market

The market size of mobile phones and the mobile speaker market continues to inflate every year. Predominantly, the number of multifunctional mobile phones, such as smartphones that are equipped with high-performance processors, is witnessed to be rising remarkably more than conventional mobile phones.

On this, The Global mobile phone loudspeaker market size is anticipated to reach USD 1679.0 million by the year 2024 at a tremendous CAGR of 6.32% during the forecast period. The study on the facts envelops segmentations and drivers to provide a better glimpse of the market in the coming years. 

How is the Market Size Rising?

The thriving center of attention on AI-ready speakers is the essential trend fuelling the growth of the mobile speaker market size. Several stakeholders are incorporating AI technology into their products in order to track user behavior through connected appliances, smart bands, and smart security devices. The in-depth learning software solutions integrated into AI-ready speakers aid in recognizing sound patterns and other data, making the interface user-friendly, and enabling machine learning (ML) functionality for data management. Also, with an aim over enhancing the user experience, the integration of AI technology in speakers have high chances to offer a competitive edge to the existing and well as new market players.

Meanwhile, several foreign companies have more sophisticated equipment, robust Research & Development capabilities; the technical level is in a foremost position. But foreign companies’ manufacturing cost is comparatively high, compared with China’s companies; the manufacturing cost is a significant disadvantage. As China’s Mobile Phone Loudspeaker manufacturers production technology continues to improve, the share in the international market is incredibly increasing, and resulting in high competitiveness in the international market, which is recorded to witness gradually increase in the future.

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The Emerging Regions with Maximum Shares

The regional report of the mobile phone loudspeaker market has seen its maximum growth in the regions of Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa, and South America. In which, Asia-Pacific is recorded to lead the mobile phone loudspeaker market in the future because of the expansion of major domestic mobile phone loudspeaker manufacturers all over the world. Among the major countries in Asia-pacific is China that exhibited steady growth in the mobile phone loudspeaker market over the last decade. China and Japan are the countries where adoption and advancement in technology are elevated.

In fact, North America was the second-largest market back in 2018 and was valued at USD 249.5 million. With this, the market is projected to exhibit steady CAGR in the coming years. The US has reported for the largest market share it occupied in the year 2018. Canada was also the second-largest market in 2018, whereas the market in India is also likely to index the highest CAGR in the future. The use of mobile phone loudspeakers has immensely encouraged smartphone manufacturers to produce music or video-specific phones with high-quality software-controlled output.

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