Yes, you really could have a Level 1 plumbing qualification in a mere 10 days

Posted by Liz Seyi on February 14th, 2022

10 days, or about two weeks once weekends are accounted for; it’s not a huge amount of time to invest in a course of action that could dramatically transform your life for the better – not just for 2022 or even a few years, but for potentially the rest of your working days.
And yet, this is precisely the opportunity that could await you in the form of our 10-day Level 1 Intensive Plumbing Course.
If that term ‘Level 1’ has piqued your interest, yes, this really is a course that could give you a nationally recognised Level 1 qualification if you complete it successfully.
It is worth noting, however, that the qualification in question – the Level 1 Award in Preparation for Plumbing Operations – is optional. Indeed, if you opt for the version of this course without the qualification, you will benefit from the same comprehensive and high-quality training.
Why might you take on this 10-day plumbing course?
If you have long liked the idea of becoming a plumber and you have decided to get serious about it, but you really are a total novice with no previous experience of this popular trade, you’ve come to the right place in YTA.
Yes, this course is well-suited to those who have never done any kind of plumbing before, as well as those who already work in a trade such as tiling, plastering or kitchen fitting, and wish to add plumbing to their skills repertoire. If the latter describes your situation more accurately, it could be a great idea to take on this course to help bolster your employability.
Then, there are those people who enrol on this training course simply out of a wish to improve their competence and confidence when it comes to plumbing tasks they may fancy undertaking around the house.
So, whether you expect to take on plumbing on a relatively casual basis, or instead put in place the foundations for a plumbing career, this course could be an excellent starting point for you.
10 days of wide-ranging, top-to-bottom plumbing training
As we explain on the relevant course page, it is possible to undertake this course as two separate five-day courses, instead of the 10 days all at once.
If you do take on the full course in one go, however, you really can look forward to a highly stimulating 10 days. Beginning with the basics of pipe bending and fitting isolation valves, right through to the planning and installation of a bathroom, repairing toilet faults, fitting radiator systems, plumbing up a kitchen sink, and so much more, you really will learn a lot as one of our Level 1 plumbing students.
You can find out more about everything the course covers on the aforementioned course page. This really is one of our most sought-after courses here at YTA, and when it comes to construction trade courses in Yorkshire, you really can’t hope to find a more reputable provider than us.
Give us a call or send us an email now, and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about this or any of our other well-regarded courses, so that you can be sure of making the most informed choice for your own career ambitions and needs.

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