Top 3 Web Portals and Their Benefits

Posted by CRMJetty on February 15th, 2022

A web portal refers to access gateways that allow users to log in to a business\'s back-end cloud system using the web interface. These portals allow accessing sensitive information securely. With a web portal, you can improve your business in many ways. It gives you a platform to boost customer satisfaction by providing adequate support to customers. 

There are various types of portals available such as B2B, B2C, community, government portal, etc. This portal gives access to users based on the assigned roles. You can also build a custom web portal for your business. For that, you will need help from companies engaged in web portal development services. To have more knowledge on various portals, let’s understand them in detail. 

B2B Portal

A B2B portal is a self-service gateway for businesses to order and buy products. Along with that, the owner can manage relationships with vendors and suppliers all in one place. Supplier portals or vendor portals are gaining popularity among wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, etc., as it helps in optimizing the purchase cycle, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and much more. 

As this model deals more with bulk orders, the products and services are complex and expensive compared to B2C. This model requires the involvement of multiple participants and takes longer to close the deals as there is a lot of back and forth of communication between business owners. Thus, this model requires advanced personalization and collaboration features. 

B2B portal allows your vendors and partners to have an insight into product and purchase information. They can join group chats for constant updates of the order. Thus, no sending emails asking the status of the orders anymore. Giving access to key information can help solve problems faster and reduce constant calls and emails.

B2C Portal

A B2C web portal is a platform that offers all sorts of services related to ecommerce business. The path of B2C starts from advertising the product to finalizing the purchase.

With this portal, customers can access a wide range of valuable features like user account details, order history, e-wallet, offers, discounts and sales, and whatnot. Customers can do online payments, track deliveries, ask customer services for any order and delivery payment related issues, etc. 

Hence, with a B2C web portal, you can share all valuable information with the customers. Do you know that giving freedom to access personalized information plays a huge role in customer retention? Let me explain how.

When customers have all the information they need to themselves, they can solve their small doubts and questions on their own without waiting for replies from customer support. And in case of any query they have can contact customer care for their solution.

Thus, when customers find all features and functionalities under one roof, they enjoy the whole buying experience and will wish to stick to your brand. And so, having a B2C portal plays a huge role in customer retention.

Community Portal

A community portal is a platform to promote and increase the visibility of the brand. It is a way of hearing what your audience thinks about your product or services. From the data received, you can improve and fill the loopholes. 

With user engagement activities like discussion boards, opinion polls, surveys, you can collect valuable information from the audience. To attract more users, you can also offer them offers and discounts.

If you are looking to change your business model, you can definitely give the community portal a shot. You can add this portal to boost your customer satisfaction goal. Plus, this portal gives an understanding of how your users feel about products or services which are of utmost importance to sustain in the market.

Wrapping up

A web portal is a one-stop solution that helps companies move their services online in a secure environment. These popular web portals, as discussed above, are useful in promoting products/services, increasing sales, providing helpful content to its user, and much more. If you have an urge to have a portal for your business, then consider web portal development to boost your business growth. 

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