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Posted by Traders Gurukul on February 15th, 2022

Fundamental Analysis Course is a course that evaluates the stock valuation by using economic and financial analysis. This analysis helps the traders or the investors to understand the movement of the stock price. This is mainly a 9 to 10 weeks course for the young upcoming beginners in the stock market as analysts and they are the players in the stock market, share market which involves fundamental analysis. In the Fundamental Analysis Course, the candidate must deal with the fundamental data that includes non-financial information and Company’s Financial Reports.

The basic learning of Fundamental Analysis Course

Fundamental Analysis Course includes five important basic learning:

• Basic conceptual knowledge about the equity market and its different components. It includes both theoretical and practical knowledge required to work in the equity market.

• Helps to know the several business models and valuation methodologies required for valuation and equity analysis. It helps in developing equity research reports by working on the micro and macro environment.

• It empowers the candidate to work in the capital market as a research analyst. This course enables the candidate to learn several investment viewpoints, development skills, and even the mindset to become a well-educated investor.

• Empowers the beginner to fundamental and technical aspects required to understand the market movement and action. This ability of the analyst, in the long run, helps in understanding and forecasting the trend in stock exchanges.

• The Fundamental Analysis Course helps to understand the different instruments of the equity market. This course is important for thorough know-how about the compliance and regulatory issues of the capital market. It helps to understand the undervalued stocks in the market.

Fundamental Analysis Course covers few important topics

• Balance Sheet

• Income statement

• Cash flow statement

• Basic of Financial Analysis

• Company analysis and finance ratios

• Valuation concepts

• Dividend discount Models

• Basics of Fundamental Analysis

• Different valuation principle

• Different kind of risk and risk management

• Process for Calculation of Intrinsic value

• Financial Parameter Summary

• Qualities of Fundamental analyst

• How to fetch a good report by the fundamental analyst for the investor

Basics of Fundamental Analysis Course for the Beginners

Fundamental Analysis training is the keystone of investing. If you are not performing fundamental analysis, then it is not investing. Before investing in the stock or share market one must delve into the fundamental analysis. There are several investment strategies that are not like each other, but all are fundamental and are important for profitable trading. One must dive into the financial statement of a company which in other words is known as quantitative analysis. The fundamental analysis revolves around assets, expenses, revenue, liabilities, and all other financial and non-financial aspect of a company that is playing in the stock market.

Certification of Fundamental Analysis Course

The candidate must be a graduate, disciplined, and patient for taking up this course. There is a process in enrolling for the course:

• Register for the online or on-campus course with inline admission

• Upload photo

• Payment

• Study material will be provided online by the Institute

• Enrollment

• Test will be conducted by the Institute

• The certificate will be issued to the candidate. This is one of the most important aspects because of the further job as a Research analyst.


Fundamental Analysis course helps to gain more confidence with thorough research on the financial market which in turn will help to analyze each stock and help the investor

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