The Show Must Go On!

Posted by mehul on February 15th, 2022

\"Morning will come, it has no choice.\"


No matter how hard you try, there are things you cannot control. Sometimes, we expect things to happen our way, but it does not. That feeling is bad, isn’t it? Why is it that everyone around me is getting what they want and I’m the sufferer? God does not love me, Things never happen my way. Such thoughts bombard you when something goes wrong or things don’t happen as you expected, right?

Time waits for none. We all like to daydream about \'how would lifebe if all the things happened as I envisioned\' and many more similar thoughts come across our mind while we are expecting. It can be of any type, about you rejecting a good job offer or remembering a loved one and not getting over it. I know it’s hard to overcome these thoughts, but such is life! It is unpredictable. Many times, it spoils our plans and comes up with its own twist. We all have gone through this and I have something that might help. Read on to know some prominent ways to start accepting and stop expecting!

You Have Two Options!

In such circumstances, we have two options: Accept it and move on or keep expecting and be stuck in the same thought. No matter what you decide, the sun will arrive and the stars will shine. Anyways, if this is bound to happen, then why worry? Change your perspective and look at better ways of making meaning about the event. Did you not get the college you wanted? Let it be. A gem can shine in any corner of the world. Give your best in academics and you never know, the future will be better for you!

Losing a Loved One

The hardest part to move on is when someone close to us passes away. We all have experienced this pain in some or the other way during the COVID-19 first and second wave. The deadly virus claimed many lives and wreaked havoc. We all have gone through the trauma of losing a loved one at some point in life and it’s horrific, I understand. The love and affection they gave us would never come back. But, you have to emerge out and carry your life forward with all the pieces. The feeling of loss is not easy to shake but when you share your pain, cherish their memories with friends and family; it becomes easier to embrace the loss.

Remember, mindset is everything. The way you mould your mind will affect your future decisions. Things change, people change. Sometimes, we have to let go of things we love but on the flip side, we also gain many new people and things to love. The transition is difficult. However, man is the most adaptable animal on earth. Isn’t it? ‘Adapt to evolve’ should be your new mantra and remember this every time you face a situation that is against the way you imagined it. Just remember, the show must go on! If you still have a block and are facing difficulties moving on, we, at Tending Minds, are here to help you! Book an appointment now!

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