Why your Business needs Social Media as a Digital Solution

Posted by Surevin Info Software Pvt. Ltd. on May 11th, 2016

SureVin’s devoted and enthusiastic teams have experts that monetize the investment to derive revenue and offer affordable and efficient social media as a digital solution.
The undeniable fact is that every business needs to be on Social Media. The dynamic and ever changing needs and demands of the modern day customers requires brands and organizations to think fast and act accordingly to adapt to this culture, quickly in order to stay a step ahead. Let’s take a quick look at some of the facts:-

ü  93% of marketers use Social Media as a platform for their business.

ü   78% of small businesses take the help of social media to attract new customers.

ü  25% of marketing budget is now spent on content development, promotion and delivery, on an average.

ü  Nearly 49% of B2B marketers put social media as priority, followed by content marketing as 39%, SEO at 26% and mobile 25%.

ü  77% of B2B marketers use blog as part of their content marketing strategy.

But the statistics most relevant is:-

ü  Only 12% of those who use social media as a platform for marketing think that they use it effectively.

When people come across the term Social Media, they think of Facebook and Twitter; however there are several other platforms and networks.
Finding a right platform to connect with your customers is the real focus. Questions arises like what are they actually using? Busy on facebook, tweeting or updating their profiles on linkedIn? Or pinning images on pinterest.

How Surevin’s Social Team Helps?

We make sure to form an effective two way communication process instead of one way sales messages pushed from marketing agency where people can talk to you and get acknowledged. We provide help and assistance as part of our social media marketing.

Social Consultancy

Development of social strategy based upon desired objectives of consumers. Some may be having their marketing team who requires guidance or some may need us to build their social presence.

Brand Management

Searching and securing appropriate username and profiles across the channels. Any Brand is very significant for us and our team will leave no stone unturned to convert potential customer problems into praise.

Social Media Monitoring

When it comes to monitor the social networks, we make sure that businesses are aware of the updates regarding who’s talking about them, whether it’s positive, to make sure that they remain ahead of others, ready to contribute whenever you need to; and what the people think.

Social PPC

Social ads are used to generate interest and improve the presence of a new product with standard updates. This can be done through promoted twitter trends, facebook and LinkedIn ads, Sponsored YouTube, or Instagram and pinterest content.

Social PR

Our close contacts with bloggers, influencers, journalists, and some of the most authoritative publishers mean that we can build a bridge between online and offline content. It means that the content gets the coverage it is desirable of.

Community Building and Management

Helping you identify industry influencers and future brand advocates so that you build a fan base that’s regular and actively shares the content among their circle of contacts.

Social Tone and Nature

Businesses use social media in various ways. We are there always to help you find the right voice and style to portray it exactly as your business is.

Creative Discussion

Create fast and reactive updates that ignite further conversation and completely hit the points that get your business brand coverage outside the industry.

Reporting and Analysis

Data and social media reporting help in informing future activity and identify in all your marketing channels and is not only restricted to your own social circles.

Cross Channel Promotion

Using the insights from our reporting and analysis, we make sure that the information fit across all marketing channels and reaches the targeted audience, giving you instantly recognizable and coherent voice over the internet.

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