Life Of A Mechanical Engineer-Roles And Duties

Posted by Adithya Rao on May 11th, 2016

Students interested in opting for mechanical engineering, often have a very common question to ask-what does a mechanical engineer do? When it comes to your career related queries, it is always good to ask the experts, so Jyothy Institute Of Technology, which is one of the best mechanical engineering colleges inBangalore, answers this question to help students make an informed choice.

Classification of mechanical engineers based on their work:

While, there can be many answers to this question, if we speak broadly, there are a two main categories of mechanical engineers, according to the work they do.

  • Design Engineers
  • System Engineers

Design engineers typically create something new, whereas the system engineers usually work to optimize, upgrade or maintain existing systems, which can be anything, from power plant to an automobile system.

Duties of mechanical engineers

Mechanical engineers utilize the principles of science and mathematics to technical come up with the best technical solutions for problems in engine design, construction and manufacturing. Here are some of the duties mechanical engineers perform:

A. Supervise technologists, technicians and other engineers.

B. Review and approve the feasibility, design, performance and operation of mechanisms, systems and components.

C. Plan and manage projects, and prepare estimates, regarding-material, cost and timing.

D. Design power plants, sophisticated machines, components, tools, fixtures and equipments.

E. Analyze dynamics of mechanical systems and structures

F. Supervise and inspect the installation, commissioning and modification of mechanical systems at industrial facilities or construction sites.

G. Develop maintenance standards, programs and schedules and provide technical guidance to industrial maintenance crews, thus helping in efficient functioning of industrial machineries.

Qualifications required to become a mechanical engineer

If you aspire to be a mechanical engineer then you must at least earn a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from a reputed college like Jyothy Institute Of Technology, which is a leading mechanical engineering college in Bangalore. These programs include instruction in various system components, from power systems to computer programming, and cover technical subjects, such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and hydraulics. Students also are expected to gain a basic understanding of electrical engineering, civil engineering, and chemical engineering. There are many programs as well that include coursework in fields where mechanical engineering is often applied, such as environmental science and business.

If you are interested in research and development positions then you might go on to earn a master's or PhD in mechanical engineering.

Job opportunities

Earning a degree in mechanical engineering opens a variety of career opportunities with utility companies, automobile manufacturers and government agencies. After graduation, you can even go for Master of Business Administration for employment in executive positions. If you wish to seek jobs as professors or researchers at colleges and universities, then you need to have a master’s degree or PhD.

Good placement figures and excellent quality of engineering education, presents Jyothy Institute Of Technology as one of the best private engineering colleges in Bangalore. So, if you want to have a golden future in the field of field of engineering, contact Jyothy Institute Of Technology today, visit-

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