Advantages and Disadvantages of Using 220 Volt Air Conditioner

Posted by Samstores on May 11th, 2016

With the scotching summer, people are finding ways to beat the heat. One of the most popular solutions to keep cool is to purchase a 220 volt air conditioner. Before you purchase one, here are some advantages and disadvantages you might want to know about first:

•    Keeps you cool – Good quality 220 volt air conditioners does its job of keeping you cool, thereby helping you avoid heat strokes and other heat-related deaths and illnesses. Cooling the air 220 volt air conditioner is even known to increase intellectual and physical activity. It’s a must for offices and schools to have 220 volt air conditioners.

•    Improves air quality – As long as the 220 volt air conditioner is installed and maintained properly, you can expect better air quality. 220 volt air conditioners are even known to help ease asthma and allergies.

•    Reduces parasites and insects – With lower temperature means less bugs. You can enjoy a deeper sleep when you have a 220 volt air conditioner in your bedroom.

•    Suits different needs – A wide range of 220 volt air conditioners are available in the market. Each type can suit the varying needs of consumers. For example, those with small houses may opt for window-type 220 volt air conditioners. Those with no wall space can choose to have split type 220 volt air conditioners. Portable, ceiling, standing, and cassette air conditioners are also available.

•    Fungus, mold, bacteria – When 220 volt air conditioners are not maintained properly, they can become breeding grounds for fungus, bacteria, and mold.

•    Higher energy bills – If your 220 volt air conditioner is running 24/7, then you can expect your energy bills to skyrocket. To avoid this problem, opt for energy-saving models. The best ones are those 220 volt inverter air conditioners.

•    Can cause sick building syndrome –Make sure that your 220 volt air conditioner is regularly-cleaned and free from dust and other particles that can cause problems, such as itchy eyes, dry throat, and dizziness.

•    Noise pollution – Some air conditioners are quite noisy and can disrupt your sleep or concentration. Choose quiet 220 volt air conditioners to avoid this problem.

To prevent disadvantages of 220 volt air conditioners, you simply need to purchase the right model and know how to clean and maintain it properly. Purchase 220 volt air conditioners that suit your space and your requirements.

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