Pros and Cons of 220 Volt Hair Straightener

Posted by Samstores on May 11th, 2016

Sleek and straight hair is one of the most classic hair dos of all. For people who want to play with their locks and don’t want permanently straight hair, they may simply use a 220 volt hair straightener. Before you go buy yourself one, here are some pros and cons of using a 220 volt hair straightener:


•    You can achieve smooth, shiny, and straight hair in just a few minutes.
•    It can save you from a bad hair day.
•    Unlike going for permanent hair straightening solutions, a 220 volt hair straightener is relatively safer. It also allows you to change up your do whenever you want to.
•    220 volt hair straighteners are quite versatile and can also be used for other types of hair dos, even curly!
•    Instead of going to the salon to get frizz-free hair, you can fix your hair on your own and save money with a 220 volt hair straightener.

•    Frequent hair straightening can burn and damage your hair.
•    Hair straightening can dry up your hair and make it look extremely dull.
•    Some people are allergic to the materials in a hair straightener and can cause rashes or redness on the scalp.
•    Hair fall is common among those who abuse their hair with frequent and improper hair straightening.
•    You can also risk looking dull with the same pin-straight hair do.

You can easily avoid the disadvantages of a 220 volt hair straightener by following these three steps:

1.    Find the right tool – You can find many models of 220 volt hair straighteners in the market. Make sure to purchase the right one. The best models are usually made of ceramic to ensure even heat distribution.

2.    Follow the rules – Use a 220 volt hair straightener only when you need to. When you do, never straighten your hair while it is wet and always use a heat protectant. It also pays to purchase the right shampoo and conditioner. Always give your hair time to breathe, don’t straighten it every single day.

3.    Practice makes perfect – You can get salon-gorgeous hair if you know what you are doing. First thing you should do is read the manual of your 220 volt hair straightener. Practice parting your hair in the right way and then ironing properly—from root to tip. If you really can’t do it on your own, you can always ask help from a friend.

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