Glossary of Construction Roofing Terms

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Home construction is a bit complicated procedure if perceived as a whole. If you are buying a new house, then it is important to have proper knowledge of all facets of construction elements like Construction Roofing Terms. Read this article to know more about Construction Roofing Terms.

It is a shingle that is normally heavier in weight and has more definition or depth than the shingle itself. One square is equal to 100 square feet.

Three Tab
It is basically used in discussing the type of roof. It is a kind of shingle that is broken into three tabs for each piece.

This terminology is used for a sheet metal on structures that project vertically up from the roof to create a watertight seal between the roof and the structure.

Water Bond
It is jargon that is used to refer to the slots in shingles to give a path for water to drain off a roof. It is basically line up in the application of roof shingles and makes an avenue for water to drain.

Toe Board
It is basically used to denote a 2x4 or some wood member that is nailed to the roof to permit roofers to stand and work without slipping off the roof.      

It is used to signify the first row of shingles that are put on at the bottom of the roof.  It overlaps the Eave metal and normally turned upside-down and backwards to yield a good straight line along the leading edge of the eave metal.

The terminology is a particular type of shingle that has an asphalt strip underneath the shingle itself that after it is applied and with heat will seal itself to the shingle underneath it.  

This term used to denote to the rise of a rafter as it projects along a horizontal plane. If any roof has 6 and 12 pitch, then it means a roof rises 6” for every 12” of horizontal run.

Final Word
It is always good to gain information about the construction jargon and procedure to comprehend all the terminology used in construction by builders. Today, various website, offer thorough details of thirty various construction stages in new home construction, so pick the best website to know more about Construction Roofing Terms.

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