Does your packaged drinking water suffice your need?

Posted by amrina alshaikh on February 17th, 2022


Gone are the years when daily water needs are sourced from nearby ponds, springs, and rivers. \'Packaged drinking water\' is the new mantra, especially in urban conglomerates and metropolitans.

The millennial population is highly health-conscious, and it is reflected in the new change toward packaged drinking water. Every traveller\'s bag can be sighted with a 1-litre water bottle bought from a retail shop. That big is the packaged water market right now.

The big question is whether there are packaged water options available to match the need of every individual and family? Before getting into the answer, it is important to know why there is a huge wave towards the packaged drinking water.

Why packaged drinking water?

The conventional drinking water is no longer natural or nutritious. The aquifers are drying out and the groundwater level is reaching new lows. The rivers and lakes are contaminated and inadequate distribution links are the reasons for new waves towards the packaged drinking water.

Let us examine the effects of the tap water sourced from underground, sea, and rivers:

  1. The coliform bacteria in drinking water are proving to cause novel diseases. In a world full of fancy named diseases, we cannot afford to have another novel disease.
  2. The medical wastes and antibiotics present in river water increase the antibiotic resistance in humans.
  3. Rarely, the medical waste and radioactive wastes discharged into seas make them inconsumable.

Packaged drinking water provides rest from these health issues by employing manual and technology-based water purification processes and distributing as per people\'s needs.

Now let us try to find the answer to the big question \"whether there are packaged water options available to match the need of every individual and family?\"

The requirement of packaged drinking water based on:

  1. The quantity needed per individual or family
  2. The method of purification employed
  3. The purpose of packaged water

Options available based on quantity

All drinking water needs need not require a 30 litre packaged water can. Sometimes a small-sized water package is required for compact carrying and convenience.

It would be hilarious to give every train traveller with a huge packaged water can. It would not be hygienic to use a common water can is flights and trains. Hence there is a widespread need for compact packaged water bottles.

This need is fulfilled by packaged water distributors availing different denominations of water bottles and cans, including 1-litre water bottles, 10-litre water bottles, and 20-litre water cans. It is economical to prefer the one as per the need.

Options based on the method of purification

A seashore area requires a desalination based water purification and mountain sourced water does not require a manual mineralization process.

Steam distilled purification is required for locations with pharmaceutical contamination in groundwater.

The packaged drinking water distributors offer a variety of methods for water purifications like reverse osmosis, desalination, distilled oxygenation, steam distillation, etc.

Options based on water usage

Packaged waters are not just used for drinking purposes. The need for packaged water varies from vessel washing in areas experiencing seawater intrusion to bathing needs in desert areas.

Instances are seen when packaged waters are used as all-purpose water during urban flooding in India.

Hence as per the needs, packaged water varies as distilled water, mineral water, or plain desalinated water. It is to be chosen as per the need.

As far as seen, the packaged drinking water seems to fulfil the majority of the varied needs. Though it has lots of benefits, it is important to choose the packaged water distributors wisely to avail maximum benefits.

Starting from the 1-litre water bottle to 30-litre water cans with mineral water, distilled water, and desalinated water; it proves to be the future of water supply across the world.

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