Homebuyer Reports Weston Super Mare: Why Do You Need?

Posted by Linda Share on May 11th, 2016

Most potential homebuyers think that they have had done a good survey on the property, little realising that all they have is a mortgage valuation and that’s it. By having homebuyer reports Weston Super Mare you can know everything that you need to know about the future home, whereby letting you avoid regrets after owning the property. There are many chartered building surveyors who offer construction cost advices, homebuyer reports and architectural design services. You can even acquire residential valuations Weston Super Mare from these surveyors.

So, what does a homebuyer report includes? A surveyor preparing such a report generally looks for the below mentioned points;

Structural Movement

This can mean so many things, from cracks to the subsidence. Damages can be caused by trees. So, often they are removed in order to strengthen the base of the construction. Besides, poorly done alterations like removal of partitions or chimney breasts can result in distortion or partial building collapse.


Most homeowners fail to realize the damage that can be caused by damp to the building. Unless there is damp proof, the ground moisture is likely to soak up into the home. Besides, gutters should be properly maintained in order to prevent rainwater penetration.

Rot or Timber Defects

Fungal defects such as wet rots can lead to damage to the property. So, the external woodwork should be maintained well in order to prevent damp. Moreover, beetle infestation is also common in the older properties, wherein insects such as woodworm attack the timbers. Well, severely damaged timbers will require replacement and also infestation should be treated.


Also, maintenance of gas appliances is crucial. Remember, poorly maintained boilers, damaged pipework and defective appliances can be deadly.


When it comes to electrics the homebuyer reports Weston Super Mare will have some strict rules associated with it. In some un-modernized buildings old rubber and cloth wrapped wiring can be still seen.


In older properties drains are more susceptible to damage. And water leakage caused due to them can erode the sub soil under the foundation causing structural damage.

Environmental Problems

Properties that are near railways, airports or busy roads suffer from a lot of vibration. Not only that, homes near industries experience from possible risks of mining activities. All these things can hamper the property greatly. And you may find difficulty in selling your home in the future.

Do-It-Yourself Improvements

Improperly executed home improvements are common defects that are noted by the surveyors. Since home alterations are frequently done without the local body permission, the homeowners have the leverage to do anything according to their wish. But they fail to understand that this may lead to some serious structural issues.

Legal Problems

The legal issues involved should be investigated by a lawyer. However, those issues are first identified by surveyors.

So, ensure that you are totally protected and receive a homebuyers report along with residential valuations Weston Super Mare to avoid any confusion.

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