Vinyl Flooring Bradford: Reasons To Consider

Posted by jfab67 on May 11th, 2016

What is this thing with floors? There was a time when normal tile patterned floors was common in every households but now people have weird fascination with floors. The technology has improved over the years and Vinyl Flooring Bradford has also undergone a huge transformation. The latest vinyl flooring is really luxurious and very elegant looking. In the UK, it is not at all difficult to find reputable provider of Floor Covering Services Bradford but you have to do little market research in order to find the best in the city. 

The reasons to consider plush vinyl flooring are highlighted below:

  • Available in wide range of shades and styles

In the second layer, Vinyl Flooring Bradford looks extremely classy and gorgeous. In this layer, an exclusive printing process, known as rotogravure is followed to imprint the beautiful designs. With the help of a rotary press equipped with photoengraved plates, you can easily imprint any kind of design of your choice onto the vinyl. Resilient vinyl is also quite in vogue nowadays and you will get myriad options here, including stone, brick, tile, marble, wood and linoleum. Vinyl’s versatile nature offer you plethora of options in terms of colours, textures, patterns and styles.

  • Easy cleaning options

Vinyl floors are also known as ‘no wax’ floor as they are extremely easier to clean and the floors dazzle without being waxed. To clean the floors, all you will be required is a wet mop. The best part of these kinds of floors is the upper surfaces are resistant to stains and scratches, so you won’t require investing too much effort. However, one thing must be kept in your mind, the ‘no wax’ floors will lose their shine and lustre with time. For this reason, reputable companies prefer to use ‘no wax’ material on the places where the shine is reduced.

  • Simple installation work

Although to do the job efficiently, you have to rely on Floor Covering Services Bradford professionals but the process can be comparatively simpler and less complicated as compared to other floor installations. If you are having a wooden floor, you can talk to the professionals to fit vinyl floors above it. This will not only save lot of your time but also your money for the future as you don’t have to pay anything for removal of the existing floors before going forward with the newer installation.

  • Durable and long lasting

In order to make the products durable and tough, most of the vinyl floors comprises of three to four layers combined together. The first layer is mainly made up of a fibreglass material, second layer is the printed layer connected with the base layer. The third and final layer is made up of vinyl and is also known as ‘wear layer’.

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