Apostolic Doctrine Ignored By Creation Scientists !

Posted by harryjason on February 20th, 2022

Jesus laid much emphasis on the law and the prophets. And no wonder because He fulfilled all 100 prophecies in His lifetime, as illustrated in this booklet I purchased from Hendrickson Publishers.

A further three books, I purchased from the same publishers, illustrate beautifully, in great detail, how Jesus also fulfilled the prophetic symbolisms of the Temple rituals and two of the major Feasts of Israel. Passover and Pentecost have been fulfilled by Jesus and the church, but the world has yet to see the Feast of Tabernacles come to pass.

Apart from God\'s dealings with man the Bible is all about prophecy! Yet how many in Christendom realize that these bible themes also prophesy the whole of world history from the very beginning to the very end of time including the 1000-year Millennium with Christ? They also reveal the true age of the Earth and the true time-frame for the so-called \'six days\' of creation. The wordings in Chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis allow us to choose four different lengths of time for each day of the creation. Christendom has generally settled for each day to mean a 24-hour period, but the prophetic themes in the Temples and the Feasts of Israel, and the entirety of Scripture do not confirm a 24-hour period nor any other period of time, but a 1000-year period of time for each day of The creation! A notable omission in these Roses books is the lack of reference to how these details and Temple measurements confirm the timeline of world history that I provide here in my 15 articles on the real Age of the Earth. I am not alone in this as many churches are aware of the same. In this regard, the only relevant mention in these resources by Roses is that the Feast of Booths or Tabernacles (Sukkot) is yet to be fulfilled.

In this first article I ask why creation science has ignored what Jesus and the apostle Peter believed. The apostle even exhorted the church not to be ignorant of this one thing! Peter implied that one day with the Lord in heaven is equivalent to 1000 years on Earth. The book of Psalms says that the period between evening and morning is equivalent to 1000 years. (Psalm 90:4, and supported in Psalm 84:10, where it refers to 1 day in His heavenly court as compared to 1000 years on Earth). The rest of Scripture also supports 1000-year days through numerology and prophetic themes. Speaking prophetically, Jesus referred to the period of the 2000-year church age and the 1000-year Millenium (AD 33 to AD 3033) as three days.

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