It seems that the NBA 2K players I know tend to be in career mode

Posted by Nfkjasfas on February 21st, 2022

The most enjoyable shooting experience! The shooting meter used in the game has been changed to a vertical design that is easier to read NBA 2K22 MT, and an aiming zone that is dynamically resized is also available. If the player makes a high-quality shot (perfect timing/interference of a wide gap) the aiming zone of the shot meter is bigger the next time the shot is made, making it much easier to score.

However, if the shot is tired or disturbed, this area will be reduced to ensure that players think about every shot. The new system could prevent the shot from becoming the same. It is essential for players to be able to identify gaps and to grasp precise timing for shots. get a higher hit rate than players who forcefully shot with a flanking shot which test the basketball player\'s skills!

In the new generation of \"NBA 2K22\" The timing button is included to aid in the Alley-Oop aerial relay and the bottleneck attempt. If the player has to pass the air relay ball in mid-air, the player needs to release and press the button to shoot (X) after a set duration to complete shooting in the air.

Whatever the case, if the player presses too soon or too late, they\'ll end up in a state of exhaustion or will not be able to receive the pass. In this episode new elements have also been added throughout the episode. Alongside pressing the shot button to trigger the normal shot, press to hold the acceleration, then pull down the expert rocker (R lever) to trigger more enjoyable and effective dunks.

Into the bottle). If the player is able to fit into the bottle and have the space to help the running, using Aggressive skill dunks can basically oblige the player to enter the bottle. Of course, this type of play isn\'t always easy to get the right timing when pressing the button too soon or too late could cause the bottle to fry, but If you can succeed Buy NBA 2K Coins, you\'ll cheer when you can choose opportunities with your pals!

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