Top 6 Frameworks For Hybrid App Development

Posted by Mike on February 21st, 2022

Creating mobile apps of a hybrid nature is greatly eased by the use of frameworks. They allow mobile app developers to develop apps that can run on both Android and iOS. It gives scalability to the code written and is executable on a vast number of platforms. You can use the same code to create PWAs or other applications.

Some very useful frameworks that are being used by expert mobile app developers in hybrid app development are discussed below in this article. So, keep reading it till the end and get to know about top frameworks for hybrid app development. However, it is also suggested that you should contact a specialized Mobile App Developer Dubai to build a successful hybrid app with the most suitable framework.

Top 6 Frameworks For Hybrid App Development:

Following are some popular frameworks that help app developers to develop competitive hybrid apps.

  1. React Native

React Native is one of the topmost used frameworks for hybrid app development. Mobile app developers prefer using this framework because of its flexibility. It provides the option of building an entire mobile app using JavaScript.

Not only that but with its declarative commands, one can achieve a perfect user interface. Mobile apps made using this framework are no different than any other iOS or Android-based application out there. The use of this framework allows cutting off a lot of app development expenses as most of the code gets reused. Another benefit is that it identifies bugs with little to no effort.

  1. Ionic

Ionic is another best hybrid app development framework that uses Cordova and AngularJs while integrating the best APIs. There is a version of this framework called the Ionic CLI, which is the Ionic Command Line Interface. It allows the creation of hybrid applications.

Other than that, this framework also provides various built-in features. Some of them have built-in debuggers along with the development server. Mobile apps created on this platform are easy to use and do not require too much time in creating the apps.

  1. Flutter

This framework has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years among hybrid app developers. It uses a very powerful programming language named Dart, and the rendering engine of C++. Flutter is fast to use for app development and provides various features, such as widgets.

One of its best benefits is its speed. It works super-fast and provides a smooth user interface. This hybrid framework has its own widgets which have been a plus point among developers.

  1. PhoneGap

This framework stands among the top hybrid app development frameworks. It provides the option of cross-platform development that is very much liked by mobile app developers as it requires less coding and greater reliability.

It saves time and gives the best user experience with the use of languages like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, etc.

  1. Xamarin

Another great framework for hybrid app development is Xamarin. It helps cut off the budget of app developers with its innovative new technology. Microsoft adopted this framework in its operations. It uses the C# programming language.

It is popular for its equally great user experience on all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. In this framework, API integration becomes very easy and provides various learning opportunities to app developers.

  1. NativeScript

It is another great framework for hybrid app development for app developers coding on Angular and TypeScript as it supports them well. It is fast in its execution and compilation.

NativeScript compiles the code the same way a native app gets compiled and runs the same way a native app works.

Winding Up!

In the end, we can say that several great frameworks are now available for hybrid app development, which creates tough competition in the market and makes it hard for app owners to pick one. But, it depends on you which one you choose. Consult an expert mobile app developer ( to opt for the right framework that suits your app’s requirements.

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