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Companies across the world are under immense pressure to reduce costs, optimise operations and minimise their carbon footprint. Factories demand a consistent, high-quality power supply for smooth operations – and increasingly utilise power from different resources. All these factors make it imperative for organisations to acknowledge the importance of energy management and to implement a sound energy management system.


If one was to define energy management, or ask what is energy management – the answer would be that energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling and conserving energy.

EMS or energy management systems are computer-aided technologies used by corporations and enterprises to monitor, control and manage their energy supply. EMS will not only identify opportunities to save energy but will help to take actions to target them. A successful energy management system translates into savings in energy usage and therefore, energy costs. It also prevents problems such as a loss in functionality, machine breakdowns, power outages and unreliable power supply.


Energy management is the key to saving energy and thereby costs, in your organisation. As energy costs rise, this aspect becomes crucial for the competitive edge. Energy management is also important from a global, environmental perspective – to meet emission targets, reduce dependence on scarce fossil fuels, and reduce the damage we’re doing to our planet Earth.

To enumerate some of the advantages of energy management system:

Reduce energy consumption

An EMS helps you avoid wastage, optimise energy efficiency and reduce consumption. You not only reduce energy bills, you avoid penalties! All factors that help your business be more sustainable and profitable.

Improve your business model

By reducing operating costs, you can run a smarter, more competitive business. Energy monitoring can help you identify wastage and which operations consume the most energy. With continuous monitoring and improvements, there is almost no limit on how much you can reduce your operating costs and increase your profit margin. You can develop strategic energy goals for your business’ future.

Understand power factor

Industrial processes draw inefficient currents of power; electricity suppliers charge you for wasted power. With your energy management system, you can identify low power factor and understand exactly how much power you are using for productive work. This information will help you take steps to improve it, and reduce energy bills drastically.

Improve power quality

In the world of power electronics, bad power quality can cause malfunctioning of sophisticated equipment. Harmonics, voltage unbalance, voltage sag and flicker problems, standing waves and resonance – are some of the issues that adversely affect energy consumption, production and its quality, leading to huge loss in terms of energy, product, service, and damage to equipment. An EMS with PQ monitoring and PQ audit can help.

Automate repetitive tasks

EMS allows you to save on tasks related to accounting and management. Automation tools can monitor energy consumption and be programmed to optimise your power usage based on real-time conditions, eliminating the need to perform system checkups.

Improve working conditions & staff performance

EMS can help create a more conducive work environment. By controlling lights, shutters, HVAC, etc., you not only create an energy-efficient workplace, you improve staff comfort and efficiency.

Improve brand image

When you install a good EMS, you are telling the world that you are a responsible, forward-thinking company with long-term prospects and plans. This can enhance your reputation and brand image.

Highly automated production systems, computer centres and systems with constant processes (e.g. food sector, cable fabrication, paper production) can certainly benefit from Messung’s expertise in energy management system solutions.

For the optimum energy management system project, Messung offers the complete Janitza range of power quality and energy management solutionspower quality analysersdigital energy metersactive filters, visualisation software and apps.

Messung designs and develops customised energy management systems using a variety of Janitza’s Class A power quality analysersdigital energy meters, and energy measuring devices with Ethernet IP, Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, M-Bus protocol interfaces as per IEC 61000-2-4.

With a world class Cloud-based Energy portal based on ISO 50001, customers can implement a most modern Energy Management solution and tailor it with specially designed APPs and user-friendly Device home pages in each energy meter to have not only an overall monitoring and controlling system but also provide localised Energy Management solutions using the EnMs apps. Alarms and push notifications including watchdog features as per EN 50160 and IEC 61000-2-4 provide solutions to customers, right up to individual departments in the industry to tightly monitor the usage and quality of the power at the most local level.

To manage your energy consumption in a smarter, more efficient way, call Messung Electrical Engineering.

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