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Posted by mehul on February 22nd, 2022

 “We BEND our minds to extensive stress levels, but we often forget to MEND our minds. Just as a simple stitch can fix your footwear, a mere thought can change your life!”

In this mend your mind series, I will share different ideas that will help you conquer the bitter enemy known as stress. These tumultuous times have helped us realize the importance of mental health, and thus, we must defend it from any untoward influences.

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most distressing episodes in everyone’s life. The unprecedented outbreak hit the globe with high transmission rates, which forced many countries to enforce restriction on the movement of the people. Strict restrictions were imposed and forced many people to stay at home for prolonged periods. This aspect affected all age groups. Here are a few words of wisdom to overcome this stressful phase.

For Children

Coping with the COVID-19 stress has been difficult for children. The transition from traditional to online education has been especially challenging for them. If your child is stressed too much and can’t bear it, you can head over to Tending Minds to provide the best counseling for depression and anxiety to your children.

Some Simple Steps

  • Try to stay positive and always imbibe positive messages that a bright future lies ahead.
  • Let them perform simple meditation and stretching exercises. These activities will keep depression at bay.
  • Spend some quality time with them daily, and don’t discuss about COVID-19 in front of your children, even with other family members.

For Adults

Lockdowns are meant to protect us from the deadly virus but spending long durations at home has been challenging. In addition, the fear of contracting COVID-19 along with the economic and financial distress has led to immense stress. The stigma attached to the contraction of COVID-19 and post-COVID stress has taken a heavy toll on people’s minds. Thus, mental therapy for depression is necessary for all the affected people.

Some Simple Steps

  • Do not keep a constant watch on the COVID-19 positivity rate and the number of positives. There is a thin line between being aware and being fearful.
  • If you feel anxious, practice slow breathing for a few minutes.
  • Call up your near and dear ones when you feel lonely. Discuss happy things and avoid negative communication.
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco consumption. You may feel the urge to give in these habits to cope up with emotions, but it can worsen mental and physical health too.

Stress is common but winning over it is uncommon. You have to be uncommon. You have the grit and determination to overcome stress. All you need is a little push and a bit of advice. Remember, you are capable of anything; a tiny nudge is what we require. Tending Minds has the best clinical psychological services in Pune to help you win the battle against stress!  

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