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Posted by bruce zhu on February 23rd, 2022

The just concluded Beijing Winter Olympics attracted worldwide attention. The wonderful competitions and beautiful venue construction attracted the attention of countless people. As everyone knows, behind the wonderful winter Olympics, there is a truck driver. They have also used their own way to add glory to the country and contribute to the construction of the Winter Olympics. Dou Liwen, a card friend of Hebei, is one of the thousands of card friends who serve the construction of the Winter Olympics.

buy new cars and build Winter Olympic venues \"at home\"

Dou Liwen, a cameraman from Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, has been in the truck industry for more than 20 years. In his career, he is most proud to participate in the construction of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

In July 2015, Beijing won the right to host the 24th Winter Olympic Games in 2022. As one of the main venues, Zhangjiakou Chongli, an unknown town, has also attracted worldwide attention. Dou Liwen once participated in the venue construction of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. At that time, he was thinking that as a Zhangjiakou man, it would be great if he could participate in the venue construction of Chongli competition area.

At the beginning of 2018, with the blessing of the goddess of luck, Dou Liwen received the task of building Chongli competition area as he wished. However, due to the high requirements for vehicle emission and inner diameter of cargo compartment in the construction of competition area, the vehicles in his hand could not meet the transportation needs of Olympic venues, so he ruthlessly bought a new car.

The car Dou Liwen chose was a howo T5G. In his opinion, the reason why he chose Chenglong is that there are many card friends who use this brand of vehicles around him. Everyone\'s evaluation is very good. Another point is that the automobile trading company that ordered the vehicle sells the car in front and the service station in the back. The service after sale is completely reassuring. \"Now the cars are basically the same. When we buy a car, we pay more attention to after-sales service.\" Dou Liwen said.

And car buying and car buying policies were also awesome. According to Dou Li Wen, the automobile trade company, on the one hand, reduced the down payment amount of the car buyers, and shortened the time of delivery. The Chenglong H5 that Dou Liwen liked at that time was a sample car, but he didn\'t have the slightest concern. He immediately picked up the car and put it into the construction of the venue.

From the difficult road to the exquisite venue, a sense of pride arises spontaneously

\"When we first started construction, the local demolition had not been completed, and the road was muddy as soon as it rained. It was not as flat as the parking lot in front of us.\" Dou Liwen recalled that when he first arrived at Chongli, there was desolation nearby, because the track required a large slope. After the slope was built at that time, some equipment could not be pulled up by car at all, so he had to unload the goods to the root of the mountain, and the local people used the most traditional donkey and camel. Later, after the transportation road was repaired, the road was easy to walk, but because of the large slope, it was still difficult for the truck to go up, so it had to use the loader to provide power support in the back.

From the beginning of the construction in 2018 to the basic completion of the venue construction in 2021, Dou Liwen worked in this project for nearly three years. He clearly remembers that the last shipment was the distribution of leakage detection and shortage filling, and the floor tiles and water well pipes used to build the road teeth. At that time, vehicles were required to be cleaned in and out without mud and water, The unloading is also watched by special personnel, which is very strict.

After pulling the last goods and watching the construction of exquisite Olympic venues, Dou Liwen felt like he had witnessed the whole process of his house from foundation to decoration, full of strong pride.

pay attention to the Winter Olympics and hope more people pay attention to the truck people

After the Spring Festival this year, due to the multiple effects of epidemic control and the Winter Olympic Games, Dou Liwen didn\'t drive for some time. As a builder of Winter Olympic venues, he paid more attention to the event process of the Winter Olympic games than in previous years.

\"It\'s very kind to see athletes from all over the world compete fiercely on the venues and tracks they participate in the construction. In particular, the pride in my heart arises spontaneously when I see the Chinese Olympic athletes win the gold medal and walk on the podium.\" Dou Liwen said.

In addition, besides paying attention to the Winter Olympics, as an old driver who has worked for more than 20 years, Dou Liwen has witnessed the changes in the freight market over the years. In his opinion, the oil price has increased, the freight has not increased, the highway toll has been adjusted, and the truck driver has not received any benefits, In addition, the situation of eating and taking cards, which is often seen in the operation life in recent years, makes the life of card friends more and more difficult. He hopes that more people will pay attention to the group of truck drivers, so as to optimize everyone\'s operation environment and improve their job happiness.


On the evening of February 20, with the closing ceremony coming to an end, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games came to an end. Dou Liwen will be proud of the construction of the Winter Olympics. Of course, he also pays attention to the supply information on the mobile phone at any time and wants to start the rush operation in the new year. We look forward to Dou Liwen driving the Chenglong H5, which has accompanied him through an unforgettable operation road, to start a new journey. In the post Olympic era, with the power of his microblog and a heart of building for the country, he will bring a happier and better life to his family.

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