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Food grains and pulses are a rich source of life-sustaining nutrients. Good sources of carbohydrates, they also provide protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. They are the dietary staples for more than 95% of India\'s population. Rice is the predominant cereal grain consumed in India, followed by wheat, maize, millet and sorghum.

Although grains are annual crops, they are consumed throughout the year. In general, grains are characterised by good storage stability, however they do get affected by high humidity, attack by pests, rodents, insects, etc., and physiological factors such as respiration and consequent heat build-up in the grains.

Hence, proper and safe storage methods need to be adopted till the grains are consumed. Proper packaging processes and packaging materials can help to achieve satisfactory storage.

Usually, before bulk packaging and storage, grain manufacturers/marketers fumigate their grains to diminish microbial growth and increase shelf life.

Packaging of grains and pulses must provide protection against 4 types of risks:

1. Biological - insects, rodents, micro-organisms, etc.

2. Physical -temperature, humidity and losses caused by improper sealing/seaming of the bag.

3. Chemical - moisture and oxygen

4. Physiological - respiration and heating of the product


To protect the products and retard deterioration, grains need to be packed in functional packaging with the following qualities:

1. Ability to protect the contents from spoilage and pilferage

2. Offer protection against environmental conditions - barrier against moisture

3. Be insect-resistant to prevent insect infestation and insect damage

4. Offer protection against micro-organisms - provide oxygen barrier to prevent their growth

5. Strength to withstand transportation, handling and storage

6. Be economical, easily available and disposable

7. Conform to food laws & regulations

8. Assist in selling with attractive graphics for retail appeal


Nichrome offers a wide range of vertical form fill seal machines(VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal machines(HFFS) for automatic, high-speed packaging of grains, pulses and seeds, as per the latest industry norms and requirements.

Nichrome’s VFFS range

Grains & Seeds Packaging Machineslike the Excel Plus series offer innovative packaging solutions that follow stringent packaging quality standards for grains and seeds.

The Excel series includes:

Excel 400 Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler: This grain packaging machine packs in a variety of standup pouches as well as CSPP pouches - in quantities up to 10 kg. Key features include print mark scanners, servo motor driven bag length control system, and adjustable stroke of cross sealing jaws for optimum performance.

Excel 400 Plus Cup Filler: This CE marked PLC controlled automated packaging machineis designed as per stringent quality standards and can be easily integrated with upstream or downstream systems. Besides grains, pulses and sugar, this rice packaging machinecan also be used for detergent packaging.

Excel Vertipack 320: India\'s first vertical pouch grain packaging machine from Nichrome! With its high-speed performance, sturdy design, online check weigher & metal detector, compatibility with multiple fillers, and a variety of standup pouch formats, Excel Vertipack 320 assures you robust performance with unmatched versatility.

The VFFS range also includes:

Sprint 250 Intelligent Weigh Filler: For pouch quantities up to 2 Kgs, Nichrome’s SPRINT 250 PLUS series offers speed, accuracy and efficiency for flexible packagingof a wide variety of snacks, grains, powders, etc.Besides grains, this rice bagging machineis also suited to packaging tea, whole spices, seeds and sugar.

Wing 200 E-line: This is an entry-level pulse packing machine, innovated by Nichrome, especially for startups and SMEs. It packs grains, pulses, sugar and other products up to 1 kg quantities in CSPP bags.

Nichrome’s HFFS range

Nichrome\'s HFFS packaging machinesbring you new generation, linear technology from Europe. The Series is versatile, and can be used for packing a wide range of pulses, grains, seeds, and even other liquid and viscous products using different fillers. The Series also offers a range of pouch formats with superior pouch aesthetics.

Models in this series include the T110, T170 and T140. These are all PLC based machines with touch screen interface. Well-designed duplex modules are available for higher outputs.


If you\'re looking for a high-performance, reliable grain filling machine or pulses packing machinefor your factory, or want to get the best dal packing machine price, it\'s worth giving Nichrome a call.

Nichrome has a 40+ years track record as top packaging machine manufacturer, and is recognised as a leader in packaging technology with a wide, proven range of automated packaging machines, filling systems andintegrated packaging solutions- Nichrome is certain to providethe most appropriate, cost-effective solution for your needs. 

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