How Can I Make Money Selling Used Kids Clothes Online?

Posted by sanjeev rai on February 23rd, 2022


Believe it or not, the preloved children’s clothes market is a viable way to make some money all while recycling and participating in something that’s good for the environment! Too good to be true? Maybe, but you cannot deny that selling your kid’s used clothes online is way better than just binning them. At The Share Bear, our community of parents frequently buy and sell used children’s clothes and other kid’s items as a convenient and sustainable way to get rid of clutter. We can help you with some useful tips on how to resell your children’s used clothes efficiently so that you can make a quick buck and reduce wastage. 



Most parents get tons of clothes for their children as gifts. Kids also outgrow their clothes rather quickly so you will have situations where your child has barely worn or in some cases never worn certain items. Selling them on the preloved market is a great way to make some money off of them instead of binning them or having to gift them to someone else. Because the condition of these clothes would be almost as good as new, you can command a decent price. Just make sure you take the time and effort to list them properly with enough pictures and descriptions to get buyers interested. 



Since you know your children will outgrow their clothes quickly, it helps to buy good quality items and known brands. These items are easier to flip quickly on the used market as a majority of known brands have already gained consumers\' trust about their quality and durability. Maintaining your children’s clothes is also a good way to ensure that they can be sold on the used market for a decent price. Proper maintenance will keep them in a good condition that can also move quicker than items that are in fair or average condition. 


When selling online it helps to list items on a specialized site like The Share Bear. We are one of the best places to sell preloved children’s clothes and have a vast amount of like-minded parents who love to shop sustainably. Listing your used children’s clothes on our platform will be extremely helpful since finding a potential buyer can be relatively easy and quick. With an increased interest in buying secondhand children’s items, you will be able to make a decent return provided your items generate enough interest.

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