Enterprises Applications: Why a Must Have for Organizations

Posted by Surevin Info Software Pvt. Ltd. on May 12th, 2016

Enterprise software is a typical name used by large number of organizations which requires a program(s) to help them manage various aspects of businesses in time and cost effective manner.  Different type of enterprise software can help with Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management and many other processes.

The growth in Smartphone and tablet world has grown by leap and bounds. Mobile apps have become an integral part of most businesses around the globe. The past decade had witnessed a major shift both in its use as well as in the development of the same.

It has triggered the way for many businesses to rearrange their ways of managing and organizing business because they need to catch up with recent developments otherwise they are going to fall behind regarding the competitive area. Enterprise Mobile Application assists in higher productivity and smooth work.

We will be discussing about how the benefits of Enterprise Apps provide opportunities to businesses and app developers along with signifying importance of adapting to its development and what it has in store for the future.

Enterprise Mobile Apps helps improve organizations in following ways:-

  • Internal Communications
  • Expenses and Timesheets
  • Dashboards, Decision Making tools, and Analytics
  • Office and Employee Admin
  • Business Development
  • Conference Calls
  • Presentation Apps for Mobiles and Tablet Devices
  • Managing Better Flow of Sales
  • Building a Sales Network
  • Reduces Hidden Cost
  • Better Promotion of Brand
  • Resolving Issues Faster and Better
  • Taking Down Quick and Prompt Action

We can predict that quarter of the entire world’s e-marketer are taking business assistance from Smartphone and tablets this year while until 2018, it will rise up to 2.56 billion. It is almost around 33% of world’s population; gadgets have now turned into a piece of one’s life and lifeblood of workplaces. In this era of Smartphone empowered world, a business requires a Mobile Application for its working and its employees. A survey revealed that enterprise mobile app brings a hike of about 30-40% in employees output.

What is the need of Enterprise Apps?

  1. Secure Corporate Information: - It’s challenging for each organization to secure every bit of corporate information, especially on its employee’s personal devices. With flexible yet strict approach implied on devices for security check and also with geo-fencing applicable on personal gadgets, no troublesome mobile apps are allowed at workplace.
  1. Works without Internet Connection: - You don’t need to worry if you are away from internet connectivity; you still have access to corporate data through enterprise apps. It maintains a backup of data and serves you when required, even when you are offline. Also it accumulates all the data to cloud. Thus, no corporate data ever gets mishandled or lost.


  1. Widen the Parameters of Enterprise Mobility: - What is the focus to gain profitability? It can be achieved through enterprise mobility, by extending its parameters across the enterprise. It pushes the output, but a gadget based way to deal with mobile security is not possible because of number of regulatory and logistical issues. Hence, businesses can only extend their enterprise and enjoy the merits of its mobility when the data and apps are secured and free of any kind of control.


  1. Gadgets and Cross Platforms Interoperability: - Most important feature an enterprise app should possess is that it should have a strong inter-operability across cross platforms, other essential gadgets and applications. This allows work management and dissemination of information. Mobile platform compatibility is essential as it allows having smooth design and development process of mobile app.


  1. Integration as per Role Assigned: - Data and information dissemination as per employee roles and designation is one of the best features of an enterprise app. The employee’s gadgets should be designed to receive business applications and secured information according to his/her profile or roles/ responsibility in the enterprise.


  1. Accomplishes projects Faster than ever: - Intranets offer assistance and co-associates for working quicker yet more effectively and efficiently. They give a technology atmosphere to employees to get the data on what they have to carry out their employments. Mobile applications mean particular groups get the data they need in a much speedier way without logging in to general intranet and thus conserve ample amount of time.


  1. Enhances your Workflows: - Ifyour enterprise implies a ‘mobile first’, you can add an active button to your routine. Mobile apps soothe and enhance the workflow. It means workers can finish their progressions more rapidly and in fast pace, regardless of time and place.


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