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Posted by Arun Ganguly on February 24th, 2022

In just a layman’s term, the business advisor is one person who is able to solve the business issues and then bridge the gap existing between the ambitions and realities. A promising business advisor like Arun Ganguly will focus on the myriad of services. He can play the role of a generalist who will excel in understanding your entire business and provide better ideas and execution plans.

The perfect working ninja to address:

They can even play the role of a financial ninja, who is a business financial planner and also a marketing maverick. You can address him to be our sales champion or lifestyle manager, or even a productivity coach. A strategic advisor is always a prime example of a business advisor with multiple startup advisors. His main goal is to empower the startups.

Some of the other areas where you will find business advisors working hard will be IPOs, digital payments, government schemes, banking, financial planning, growth hacking, and so much more. These are the other areas where you can get hold of the advisors working hard.

Focusing on the main qualities:

This might be the very first time when you are trying to get hands-on with a Business Advisor. So, it is always important to check in with the qualities that the advisor shares with you.

   •   The first quality is to see if the advisor has a proper understanding of your market, the needs, and enough experience to handle and solve the problems that you are going through.

   •   For example, if you have any urgent issue related to sales, then the advisor for sales must have enough experience and expertise to solve the sales-based issues in multiple industries.

   •   Some of the other properties that you will find in a business advisor will be good communication skills, loads of patience, and also a proper sense of empathy. Regardless of what the professional niche is, an expert advisor like Mr. Ganguly can follow the norms much as you have asked for.

Your business is in need of an advisor:

Primarily, the entrepreneurs would like to get expert business advice from those who are actually working in their firm or from their friends, relatives, and families. It is not always the right decision to make and pretty unfair at the same time.

Those working in a firm will have specified goals and objectives of their own. So, when you are seeking business advice, their opinions will be prejudiced. That’s why a 3rd party view is really very important to get the business back on track.

In most cases, business advisors or Business Leader like Arun Ganguly won’t have any ownership in the firm. So, he does not have any reason to make you happy or just say yes to everything you say. So, their opinion towards a specified problem comes without any prejudice and without an agenda as well.

Catch up with the best:

It is always mandatory to catch up with the best business advisor in town, and that’s when Arun Ganguly comes to the scene for sure.

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