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\"Sun Magic Kids making entertainment videos for kids, in the story, you will see 4 alien kids have landed on earth with the yellow spaceship of Sun magic kids to share their Funny birthday chair game and the fun they are having on their planet. It\'s the best chair game for kids also it\'s improving kids\' mind exercise and their sense of humor, See our entertaining videos and guide your kids to enjoy the chair game with their friends,









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When hosting your child\'s party, there are a number of points to consider. It can be a sizeable task, and even overwhelming, with a house of screaming children making messes and spilling drinks. The following article should help you avoid being overwhelmed through appropriate organization.

1. Location: Firstly think about the location; where you hold the party will determine the atmosphere, the mood, and the activities you are able to run. An outdoor venue is recommended such as a park or playground, which are free to use and children have a great time running around in the sun. If its raining then consider hiring a hall, day care center or even a restaurant which has an area for kids to be entertained 

2. Themes: Once the location is sorted out you can consider the themes your child would like. Potential ones for girls are fairy and mermaid. Barbie and princess are also great. For boys you can do superheroes and pirates or goblins. You can make it no theme, but children love to get dressed up and use their imaginations it adds a unique touch to the party.

3. Decorating: To create an even more exciting and magical experience for your child it is important to build upon the theme and let the magical experience run throughout the day. For example with a fairy theme you can decorate the venue to look like fairy land with balloons and glitter and pink cushions etc. Get creative with the names of the food, turning marshmallows to fairy clouds or the red cordial to love potion, chips can be goblin ears and coke can be witches broth.

4. Entertainment: Hiring an entertainer is a popular idea and will save you from running all the games and activities yourself, instead you can focus on talking with other parents or serving food while the children are taken away into a land of adventure by the entertainer. It is also very exciting for children to think a real fairy or superhero is going to visit them on their special day.

5. Timing: The age of your child and guests will determine how long the party will go for and what time of day is best. For under 3-4 year-olds morning parties between 10-12pm work best and entertainment should last for an hour with half an hour before to let people arrive and half an hour at the end to have cake and food and say goodbye. With older children between 4-8 years old longer parties are fine and any time of day is fine.

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