Linux VPS Hosting- How to Choose the Right Provider

Posted by Steve Cooper on February 24th, 2022

Are you planning to upgrade to a Linux VPS Hosting from a shared hosting plan? It is the right decision for those thinking of launching a new website and looking to enhance traffic from the very beginning. There are many web-hosting providers, but very few are engaged in VPS hosting. Linux VPS hosting is one such provider.

Linux is well-known for its VPS hosting plans that fulfill the criteria of secure & reliable hosting. We will discuss these crucial features in this article. Before that, you must know the difference between the two types of VPS.

  • Managed VPS- Well-suited to the needs of web developers and such, managed VPS offers an environment much like the shared hosting accounts. 
  • Unmanaged VPS- This type of VPS is used to the command-line interface and is better suited to more advanced users.

Cheap Linux VPS is available in both these versions. Let us now discuss how to choose the right hosting provider.

Site Performance

For all those out there seeking a VPS hosting plan, the site performance must be your first lookout. You must pay close attention to two factors in particular- uptime and speed. One needs to choose a host that can meet your traffic needs.

Linux VPS hosting plans offer good speed and uptime rates. You have to choose the plan that best suits your needs from the plethora of hosting plans available.

Operating System

There are two main options available for VPS hosting- Windows VPS and Linux VPS. The latter offers virtual servers that can support a range of web features like PHP, MySQL, POP3, and so on, all of which are important for web developers.

You will get cost-effective or cheap Linux hosting plans since it has an open-source OS. You can always convert the Linux server to a Windows server, but doing the opposite is a complex process and will cost you money and time.

Always look for the best operating system which is convenient to work with and affordable. It will help you save a lot of money on operating costs & will also save you from extra troubles.

Customer Service

Other than all the technical details, the customer service of the brand you choose must be top-notch otherwise, you might run into a lot of trouble in the future. You need a company that is by your side no matter what hour of the day it is. For example, if your site crashes at 11 PM on a Friday, you cannot possibly wait till 9 AM Monday for support.

You will lose out on traffic and a lot more by that time. Time is money. Linux VPS hosting plans realize this and are at your service 24*7. They have features like support tickets and live chat to solve your problems smoothly.


We hope this brief article helps you choose the right VPS hosting plan. We have pointed out the advantages of choosing a Linux VPS hosting plan. Further research on the topic will surely help you gain more perspective on the matter and you can decide then. 

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