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Posted by Mords1944 on February 25th, 2022

COVID-19 is an outbreak of illness caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The virus is particularly dangerous for older adults and those with underlying health problems. Here are the latest COVID-19 daily updates. Continue reading to learn more about the virus and how you can protect yourself. Here are some tips to prevent illness and stay healthy. Read on for more information. We\'ll be providing daily updates for you to stay safe.

West Virginia\'s DHHR confirmed 274 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday. This brings the state\'s total to 387 cases. Monongalia County is up three more cases, bringing the state\'s total to 2,169. While this is still a small outbreak, it is still affecting residents of many counties. Here are the latest COVID-19 daily updates. If you\'re worried about the virus, follow these tips and stay safe.

West Virginia DHHR says that a woman in Grant County, a man in Fayette County, and a woman in Cabell County have died from COVID-19. This brings the state\'s total to 2,756 deaths. This increase includes the county\'s population, with Monongalia adding 33 new cases. The DHHR says the number of confirmed cases in Monongalia is now up to 8,106.

The DHHR reports that West Virginia has confirmed 12 additional deaths and 295 new cases of COVID-19. This brings the state\'s total to 2,248 cases. There were no new cases of COVID-19 in West Virginia yesterday, but three more in the same state are now confirmed as being affected by the disease. The state has also added nine new cases in Monongalia County, making it the second-highest number of COVID-19 cases in the state.

Since yesterday, there have been 54 new cases of COVID-19 in the state. Two women in Mercer County are 77 and 88, while a man in Monongalia County is up to 829 cases. The state\'s daily totals have increased by nearly 5% compared to yesterday. Earlier, the disease killed only six people. At this stage, there are still no deaths in West Virginia.

As of this morning, West Virginia\'s DHHR has confirmed 161 new cases of COVID-19. The state has also reported two additional deaths - a man in Monongalia County has died and a woman in Fayette County has eighteen more cases. Combined, the West Virginia DHHR has confirmed 350 COVID-19 cases. The latest figures are not yet fully clear but are indicative of the increasing number of cases.

West Virginia DHHR has confirmed 436 new cases of COVID-19. Among the deceased is a 73-year-old man in Mercer County. The DHHR has confirmed that a woman in Mason County has also died from the virus. There are currently 1,276 confirmed cases in West Virginia. At this time, there are four deaths in Berkeley County, and up to 108 in Monongalia.

The West Virginia DHHR confirmed another 11 deaths of COVID-19. In total, there are 25593 cases of the virus in the state. Jefferson County has two deaths, while Wood County has nine. Meanwhile, Cabell, Wetzel, and Harrison counties report four cases. In addition, a case has been confirmed in Monongalia County. With the latest updates, the outbreak has spread to the other counties of the state.

The state DHHR announced that there are four more deaths in West Virginia, bringing the total to nine68. This week, there are 1,066 new cases in Monongalia County. The state\'s DHHR said that there are now 8,157 cases of COVID-19. This is a significant number for the state. The numbers of deaths in West Virginia are up from the previous day. And the state\'s DHHR is still working to keep the disease under control.

According to the DHHR, 13 more people have died from COVID-19 in West Virginia. In addition, there are now 126,887 cases of Covid-19 daily updates  in the state. In West Virginia, a 93-year-old woman from Mercer County was the first person to die from the disease. Today, there have been 467 new cases of the virus in Monongalia County. In the state, there are a total of 7,513 cases of COVID-19 in the state, according to the DHHR.

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