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Life is full of uncertainties and risks in every way. Individuals, businesses, properties, and assets are unveiled to different types and levels of risks. It includes the risk of losing life, health, properties, etc. Though it is impossible to prevent any unwanted situations from occurring, an alternative way out can compensate for the losses. And insurance is the only way which can eliminate or reduce the loss or the effect of loss caused by different types of risks. Insurance has a powerful impact on every single occasion of your life.

Apart from protecting individuals and businesses from any kind of risks or potential risks, the insurance industry contributes notably to the economic growth of the nation. As it is a never-ending business even if you are done with selling insurance to customers, there will be a time the customers will need to renew the services. It encourages people to do savings as well as generates employment for millions. In a country like India, a sector that generates employment creates a huge buzz among young minds.

  • Importance of the Insurance sector:
  1. Provide security to individuals and businesses from facing an undesirable problem.
  2. Creates long-term financial resources.
  3. Helps in economic growth
  4. Supports in any case of medical emergencies
  5. Generates employment
  • What is Insurance Affiliate Program:

Insurance Affiliate Program is basically a revenue sharing program that helps to earn money from leads or sales coming from the referrals. Generally, commissions vary on the company but approximately one can earn in the range from (per lead) to (per application).

There are a number of Insurance Affiliate programs but amongst them, two are very important i.e. Health Insurance Affiliate Program and Auto Insurance Affiliate Program.

  • Health Insurance Affiliate Program:

The first and foremost investment an individual should do is purchasing Health Insurance. Purchasing health insurance is an important yet very easy thing. And with Affiliate Program it has become more convenient to understand the right one as per your requirement. 

Here is a list of the top 5 best Health Insurance Affiliate Programs in India:

  1. Policybazar

Policybazar is India’s largest and leading website which empowers and influences consumers to make the right choice as per their socio-economic conditions.

A marketer can join the Policybazar affiliate program through INRDeals ad network to earn a high payout of up to Rs. 140 per lead.

  2. Religare Health Insurance (RHI)

 Religare Health Insurance is the specialized health insurance affiliate service to employees of corporates, individual customers, and for financial inclusions as well. Just like Policybazar anyone can join the Religare Health Insurance Affiliate Programme directly through INRDeals ad network and can earn a handsome payout of up to Rs.7000 per lead. It is one of the top active campaigns in the Banking and Finance sector.

 3. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is a globally diversified insurance company situated in 1912. Based on 2018 revenue, this organization ranked 75th out of the Fortune 100 lists. It is popular for its different types of insurance plans like Life, Auto, Home, Renters, and even tuitions insurance. Their Life Insurance plans are widely popular for their huge medical covers and wide range of benefits.

The pay for their insurance affiliate programs is based on the insurance plan generated by the marketer for sale.

  4. eHealth Insurance

eHealth Insurance is one of the leading insurance online marketplaces served more than 5million people over the last 21years. They have a wide variety of health insurances from small heath plans to Medicare Advantage plans to even short-term health plans. The best part of their services is that the consumer doesn’t need to pay any additional cost.

The commission pay of this program is based on the type of application:

  • Dental Health Insurance
  • Short Term Health Insurance
  • Student Health Insurance
  • Individual or Family Health Insurance

Small Business Group Health Insurance

  5 .Vellko

Vellko is one of the ever-growing verticals in the Affiliate marketing programs in India with a wide range of benefits. They help marketers to earn commissions by generating traffic and referring customers to various healthcare-related websites.

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