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Posted by Linda Share on May 12th, 2016

 Needless to say, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has many products that are useful to the body. One of its best is Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical Estrogenex. It is a very potent product designed to control female and male sex hormones. These are oestrogen and testosterone respectively. An alternative supplement from an equally powerful company is called Blackstone Lab Abnormal. It is meant for body builders.

Hi-tech Estrogenex Depot can be grouped in the third generation of Hi-Tech pharmaceutical products. It was created to regulate oestrogen in the body and to boost free testosterone. Meant for athletes, body builders and males in their mid twenties, Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical Estrogenex removes undesirable effects caused by changes in male sex hormones. There is an interesting relationship between big amounts of oestrogen and low amounts of free testosterone.

When substances or compounds that expose high levels of oestrogen are present, they will cause an increase in free testosterone.  The body has its own natural systems for controlling these two hormones, and the humans have discovered compounds that affect the performance of these systems.  Two tactics entails inhibition of oestrogen production and inhibition of SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) activity.  Additionally, Estrogenex blocks oestrogen metabolism and inhibits oestrogen receptors.

It is these mechanisms that eliminate excess oestrogen from attaching itself to oestrogen receptors so as to deliver an estrogenic signal.   As a result, Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical Estrogenex qualifies as one of the best solutions for high oestrogen levels and low free testosterone because it has unique ingredients that influence multiple sex hormones paths in the body.   Its ingredients have enough potency to inhibit excess oestrogen formation. Some ingredients include 6β-hydroxystimasta-4-en-3-one and N-benzoyl-L-phenylalanine methyl ester, extracted from leaves Brassaiopsis glomerulata. 

 Hi-Tech has been so successful when extracting juices from the leaves and isolating them to form oestrogen-modulating compounds.  Another strong inhibiting ingredient in Estrogenex is called BrMC(8-Bromo-7-methoxychrysin). It is a form of chrysin that is more effective than the type of ingested chrysin.  This product has as many ingredients as the Blackstone Lab Abnormal, and another one includes alpha-naphthoflavone-ANF or 7, 8-benzoflavone.  Another element that is added to Hi-Tech Estrogenex is coumestrol dimethyl ether, which has been shown to have the ability to enhance free testosterone levels via the action of SHBG. 

The product has additional ingredients as well such as the stinging nettle extract that blocks and inhibits SHBG.  The indole-3-carbinol, I3C, is another potent element in this product and it supports modulation of oestrogen metabolism and in return causes inhibition of destructive oestrogen signalling. If you are looking for a muscle building booster, choose Estrogenex today.  Even if you are not looking to build muscles, you may be starting your adropeak stage that occurs to men in their mid-twenties. 

Its role is to promote healthy and normal sex hormones levels, which stops many age-related physical signs that are so undesirable to men.  Any aging man who wants to reset their testosterone to oestrogen ratio to normal should buy this supplementary formula.  The Blackstone Lab Abnormal is another product that harmonizes sex hormones in the body and supports body building. You should consider buying it as well.

Are you into body building activities? If so, try our Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical Estrogenex today. This is the formula that will increase free testosterone in your body while reducing your estrogen. We also have the Blackstone Lab Abnormal, which is equally effective.

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