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Posted by Cn Optics on May 12th, 2016

The leading company that specializes in producing optical components including lenses, prisms, windows, beam splitters, polarizer, mirrors, wave plates, filters and other similar varieties stand apart owing to its commitment to deliver highest quality products on time and serve customers in the most exceptional manner. The company has been established in 2004 and with its quality assurance, customized design and prototyping and volume-production, it looks forward to facilitate you with best possible service and assistance. With the company by your side, you can access all kinds of optical products and browse through latest availabilities in the market. Owing to its performance and service, it has emerged to become the industry leader. From its superior components, you are sure to benefit and have convenience.

When talking about its products, the Polarization Beamsplitters are constructed by cementing two right angle prisms, with the hypotenuse of one prism being coated with dielectric coating. When it is used with normal incident, un-polarized light, the incident beam gets segregated into two distinct polarized beams: the p-polarized component and the s-polarized component. Where the former is passed straight through, the latter is reflected out at 90 degree. The general specifications make it ideal for various applications. Furthermore, these are cost-effective and deliver good functioning, when used.

You can also access various Waveplates and its accessories. The entire product category include zero order, multiple order, true zero order, dual wavelength, achromatic, polarization and holders. Each has its own characteristics and is destined for specific usages. With such products around, you can be fully assured about quality and accuracy. Moreover, these come with long-term guarantee and are advance in nature. These are flexible to use and operate and make it simple for you. You can also request for a customized design to suit your particular needs and requirements.

The Right angle prisms are the most popular ones among all and are highly in demand. These are mainly used for deviating beam through 90 degree, when beam enters normal and right sides. Also, these are fruitful for being a retroreflector to deviate beam through 180 degrees, when beam enters normal to hypotenuse. With good levels of precisions and protective bevels, these are the most appropriate products. Furthermore, the company also enables you to choose your desired coatings from protected aluminum, high reflective dielectric coating, anti-reflective coating and single layer MgF2. There are customized designs that can be accessed for fulfilling needs and essentials accurately. At the same time, you can have various options of sizes and shapes and select your preferred one. Altogether, it is a wonderful experience to get such good quality products with much handiness.

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