10 Moving Tips: Best Way to Save Money When Moving House

Posted by Portland Movers on February 28th, 2022

Moving houses does not need to be an expensive exercise, but only if you are deliberate about every step of this transitional phase. Here are 10 tips that will help you to keep your moving costs low;

Make a plan

Would it be more profitable to make a few trips to take over some things then hire a small sized moving truck instead of a large one for a single trip? By planning early, you get plenty of time to analyze avenues through which you can bring your costs down.

Get rid of clutter

What is the point of paying to carry garbage when you are going to throw it out anyway? Some of the items you have set aside when de-cluttering are garbage but most people find that they have a lot of functional belongings which they can either sell or give away. 

Compare associated costs

Before you settle on a specific Oregon mover, consider discounts offered by various companies, value for early booking, additional services offered. Factor in the overall credibility of a service provider - did you know that some movers will not pay for damage in transit while others will?

Take advantage of off-peak

A lot of people move houses in the summer when the days are longer and weather is favorable. Why don’t you plan your over winter or early spring when most moving companies are less busy? The costs will definitely be lower and moving companies are more willing to offer extra services because of low demand.

Choose an unlikely day for the move

According to comparison data from Compare My Move\'s data, people prefer to move Friday because they have an entire weekend to settle in. The best part of moving on Sunday or weekday is that demand for Full service movers is low and this means better deals for you.

Source for free packing supplies

The greatest on-demand item when planning a move is packaging materials. You can get free cardboard boxes from the local grocery store and friends who have moved recently.

Ask friends and relatives to help

Request friends and relatives to assist you pack/unpack for a move. You could make them snacks and refreshments to make the Portland moving help experience worthwhile.

Avoid wasting food

In the days leading up to the move, make your meals with food which you already have stored in the fridge. If the food is a lot and you foresee wastage, consider giving it out or donating to a food bank.

Give notice of disconnection to utility providers

Notify your utility providers that you will no longer require their services in your name by a certain date. Depending on your planning, you might have a few days of darkness or no TV signal.

Redirect your mail

Set up an agreement with your mailing service to redirect your mail to your new address. This will only be for a little while until your mailers are aware of the change of address.


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