Personalised Mugs: How To Choose The Best One

Posted by Express Promo on February 28th, 2022

Personalised mugs have always been a great gift idea no matter what the occasion or celebration may be. It has always retained its timeless charm as a gift that can be given to anybody and everybody. As a promotional product, personalised mugs in Australia have proven themselves as an effective way of putting the name of the business or the brand out.

Over the years, personalised mugs have simply evolved along with time and trends. At the present time, personalised mugs come in different shapes and sizes, with so much variety to choose from.

Personalised Mugs Australia

Express Promo can help you in choosing and creating the best personalised mug in Australia without costing an arm and a leg. With several years of excellence in the industry, Express Promo can offer a wide range of personalised mugs for you to choose from and the team is willing to help you every step of the way.

To jump-start the process, here are a couple of tips that you can use when choosing the best personalised mugs in Australia right here from Express promo. Read on!

  • Pick the perfect type of mug for the occasion. There are several kinds of mugs and other drinkware available to be customised through Express Promo so make sure you get to choose the best one to fulfill all of your promotional needs. The classic ceramic mug is still one of the bestsellers but insulated travel mugs are also becoming popular due to its convenience and durability. Especially for the office setting, double-walled stainless mugs with covers are quite useful for both cold and hot drinks to be carried to and from the office pantry. Hence, picking the right kind of mug for the targeted audience is important so that the user gets to fully maximise the promotional item you give out.
  • Match the personalised mug with the brand identity of the company or business. For sports-oriented businesses or services, a more appropriate personalised mug option would be those on-the-go travel mugs with sealed lids. If you are sure that it is going to be used inside the office pantry or at home, ceramic mugs are your sure bet especially for the older audiences. There are so many options available for mugs on Express Promo that you get to choose which one can best represent your brand and your company.
  • Keep the design simple and long-lasting. As with anything that is custom designed, make sure to pick a design that is sure to last for years. Company names and logos should be the final ones to ensure that your personalised mugs and other promotional items retain its value and uphold its image even after being used for a couple of years. If you are opting to place a specific website or contact detail, make sure to also keep the said detail linked to company for an extended period of time to gain the maximum exposure from each of the promo items you have created. Keep the design simple to read and easy to identify to be able to build a strong brand identity early on, one that is recognisable for loyal customers and comprehensible for thosed who are new to the brand.

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