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Thinking of hiring a good website design and development company? First, here’s what you need to know about design. The Design is the process of collecting concepts and visually arranging and implementing them in order to create an image. Web design is the similar process of creating with the intention of presenting content on electronic web pages, which the end-user can access through the internet with the help of browsers like Google, Bing and many more. There are few key elements to web design and they are as follows.

Top Elements to Web Design

It depends. Search Engine Optimization should be included in order to have a web-marketing strategy. The key advantage of SEO is that it brings a good quality traffic leads. Many users tend not to click on “Paid Ads” unless it gives rise to user inquisitiveness. If your search results are displayed on the first page, it literally means that you are a trustworthy source. Plus, if there are other sites which have links to your website, then visitors will more likely trust your business, and your products and services. However, note that SEO comes at a cost. No matter how you look at it, whether if it’s your own time or hiring from SEO agencies in Pune to manage your SEO strategy, it will come at a reasonable cost.


Layout helps to arrange Ads, graphics and texts, which help the end-user to access the information at a glance. Layout helps to maintain the balance, consistency, and integrity of the design.


Colours vary on the purpose and the client’s needs, the design may be simple black-and-white to multicoloured. It also states the personality of the person or the brand of the organization, using web-safe colours for web designing and brand promotion.


Graphics include photos, logos or clipart, which make the page more eye-catching. All the elements of graphics need to collaborate in order to be placed fittingly, working with the colour and content of the web page.


A website’s design can be enhanced with the help of using different fonts. Use of fonts matters because they make it easy for the end-user to read. Most designers work with ‘Web-safe fonts’, which are popular.


A message of a site can be helped through visuals and texts with the help of content and design. Texts should be expressive and relevant, so that the reader doesn’t get confused. Content should be optimized for search engines

So how has web designing changed over the course of time?

Simply put, the concept of web designing has changed a lot in the last two decades but one needs to ask where are they going? Or how will the website be in the future? In today’s era, technology is moving at such a rapid pace that it’s difficult to keep up with the kind of technologies that are out there. Within a span of few years, technology has changed our means of communication, how we find information, where and what we buy and many more. Industries like fashion and arts have adapted to these changes related to taste and styles. In this way, even e-commerce web design and web design trends come and go. Websites, which used to have a simple appearance, but are highly complex from a coding point of view, have been changed by new programs and additions, which has had a massive impact on web design landscape. Let’s look at how web design trends have evolved and changed in the past few years.

1. Availability of web fonts is making headers even more visual –

The first thing your need is a logo. A logo is a graphic mark, artwork, or symbol that represents a business, organisation, community, or even an individual. One of the main reasons behind it is strong recall value. Therefore, your logo too will be related to your business’ name, initials, it’s field or some other important element. Ensure you brief your creative agency about the colours, designs, and your expectations from the logo.

2. Evolution of HTML to HTML5 –

During the past, the structure of a website’s design used to be modest, which led to the complexity of using a website. But with HTML5 it has changed the structure of a website making it user-friendly and improving the quality of a website.

3. GIF images the next big thing compared to PNG –

GIF images are simple to make with the help of an animation program. Plus, they do not require a web browser to have a plug-in. PNG images are good enough, but they have their disadvantages.PNG allows broader range of images, but there used to be some distortion in the pixel levels when used at different resolutions. E.g. – If a user is viewing an image at 1200 pixels, but the image is designed for 600 pixels, then the image would have some distortion.

4. Organic contents for SERPs are replacing META –

HTML was a huge part of web design when it was new. Although HTML is required to make a page, different programs like MUSE have turned coding skills more out of date. Due to which coding, along with meta tags and meta data has become a thing of the past. Instead, organic content is helping SERPs, as search engines are now looking for data that’s been established within and outside the confines of a page.

5. Stylesheets have become more popular –

Over the past 10 years, CSS sheets have become more popular among web designers who work with coders (or who know coding). This has given rise to user interaction and easy to use by designers. CSS sheets are becoming more organized as coding has become cleaner and easier to understand, and its functionalities have also increased.

6. Technology –

Small businesses do not require you to invest ample of cash in order to set-up an online business. This is because hardware and software costs have significantly reduced over the past 10 years. As a result, website design has gotten cheaper. One of the main factors for this has given rise to open source software packages like WordPress and Magento. This software allows a developer to build websites at a very cheap rate. Web applications that require being built from scratch is now a thing of the past. A professional web development in Pune will offer the service of developing websites and applications on a platform. Web designing has certainly changed with new trends, but we can’t predict the future of web designing. But one thing is for sure, web designing, with time, will be more efficient and even easier to do. Therefore, businesses need to hire a good website design and development company who understand the intricacies of design and will provide the best looking and functional website for your business.

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