How to Refresh Your Space with Wall Arts?

Posted by Steve Morgan on March 3rd, 2022

Do you want to refresh your space with wall art? The empty walls in your house come with many possibilities and adding some wall art will make your house feel like home. In case you are ready to convert your bare walls into something stylish, you have come to the right place. We will tell you how you can amp up your walls with wall arts.

1. Choose Large-Scale Art

An oversized wall art that will grab the attention of your onlooker. It will also help in setting a tone in a small space. If it is a minimalistic space, you can choose a black-and-white photo. You can also opt for a vibrant photo.

2. Use an Accent Wall

Apart from showcasing objects on the walls, consider decorating the walls themselves. Try out a bold and bright paint color for creating an accent wall and then decorate it with some attractive wall art. The decorative accents will have a bigger effect in a smaller space.

3. Curate a Gallery Wall

Nothing adds more color and personality than a gallery wall. Showcase your canvas wrap printsin different prints and images. Choose cohesive and simple frames or include an array of ornate frames. Extend the wall art gallery wall to the ceiling for creating an illusion of a larger space.

General Guidelines to Hang Wall Arts

The first step to hanging a canvas wrap wall art is to opt for the right placement for every piece. However, if you have a large abstract canvas, choosing where to hang might be difficult. So, to make the process a little easier, we are going to list a few guidelines. Let’s proceed.

a.  The Fireplace is the Focal Point of Your Room

When you are hanging canvas wrap wall arts, display it above the mantle. Make sure the art is of the same size as the opening of the fireplace. If you don’t want to use one large piece, choose several small pieces.

b.  Arrange the Wall Art Before Hammering the Nail

Layout everything on the floor or table and move around the pieces until you have your preferred arrangement. Now, layout the pieces on a large piece of kraft paper and trace out each piece. Mark the points where you will hang the wall art on the kraft paper. Thereafter, you have to tape the kraft paper to the wall and hammer the nails. When you are done, remove the paper.

  1. Hang the Artwork at Eye Level

To hang art height, consider groupings as a single piece. For instance, if you have to hang 4 pictures, consider hanging them as one square. Then place the pictures so that the focal point of the grouping or piece is at eye level. A dining decoration arrangement is the best as it you can get a good look at the wall art even when you are sitting down.

Bottom Line

When you are done hanging the art in the room, step back and scan the space to see if the art on the walls within view contributes to the feeling you are looking for the space. In case it is looking very chaotic, try to simplify some things. If things are moved around or seasons change, assess the placement once again. When you are done, your room needs to look comfortable and balanced. A good tip is to click a photo and if you like the balance then probably you are on the right track.

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