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Posted by abigaylemark on May 12th, 2016

Industrial scales are indispensable instruments in a wide variety of industrial applications. They are needed in for laboratory analysis, for research or for commercial purposes. Various scales are used in pharmaceutics, in the food industry to measure food ingredients, in commercial activities resulting in transactions and payments made based on weight and in pretty much any field, to weigh anything from nuts and bolts to large pallets and cages. Whichever the application in which they are used may be, these tools have to offer precise measurements, and address any particular method of measurement they are needed for: quality assurance, safety compliance or ergonomic evaluations.

Weight can be derived from other motion-related measurements as well, meaning from speed and force. Force gauges for example are used for force measurements and they are a more particular category of weighing tools – they are often used for tensile measurements in industrial environments (medical force testing, building accessibility). Since they can be used for testing, measurements and inspections, they come in handy in various situations and make a wonderful investment for any department in need of them. In case you lack such a useful tool and you have the intention of buying one, get down to work and start researching. There are various manufacturers who offer incredibly precise measuring tools. Thus, you have from where to choose.

Force gauges are very often used in manufacturing and construction for tensile testing. They measure force and therefore enable users to determine the breakage point for specific products in need of optimization. Manufacturers need to determine the forces that can be applied on a product before it is loosened, comes apart or it is damaged. They perform testing and collect the data which pin points to the “breaking point” of a product, allowing them to further improve its strength. Thanks to force gauges, studies can be accurately performed not just in industrial environments for product enhancements, but also in University labs, for research and educational purposes.

However, if you are someone working in an industrial environment and that require equipment dedicated to measuring forces such as constant tension or compression, it is worth having a look at the force gauges sold by ScalesGalore. Alongside other industrial scales, you will be able to find a variety of force gauges for quality pressure measurements administered through push and pull movements. Their website offers everything from manual test stands, to hand held gauges and cable tension meters to torque testers. The prices are good and there is free ground shipping available, so make room for a bargain!

Given the importance of industrial scales for the business, they must be chosen with utmost attention. If you want to purchase an industrial scale for your manufacturing or shipping process, make sure you purchase a high precision one. The instrument you buy should be easy to use, have a clear display, offer you multiple units of measurement and have a long life. In few words, you are surely looking for quality so look no further. Purchase your industrial scales (force gauges or others) by starting your search with ScalesGalore.

Are you interested in finding out more about high quality, high precision industrial scales? Browse the online catalogue at ScalesGalore for any type of scale you want and check out the available state of the art force gauges. We are here to help you find what you need for a very good price.

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