Alfa Chemistry Announces Offering and Customized Manufacturing of Microfluidic D

Posted by Tylor on March 4th, 2022

Microfluidics is a very helpful tool in the biological sciences to conduct precise and controlled experiments at a faster pace and with lower cost. Alfa Chemistry recently announces to offer a wide range of microfluidic devices, including glass chips, microfluidic polymer chips, and many other functional chips.

Microfluidic devices have microchannels ranging from submicron to few millimeters. “Our microfluidic chips are made of materials such as glass or quartz in compliance with the highest quality standards, which can help customers quickly and easily evaluate microfluidic concepts. They are especially suitable to be used on scenarios where reusability, chemical compatibility, optical transparency and thermal properties are highly demanded, for instance, drug delivery and droplet generation,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry.

Themajor microfluidic devices offered by Alfa Chemistry are:


Glass Chips

Alfa Chemistry provides standardized glass microfluidic chips in microscope slide format with through-holes as fluid interfaces. They are made by wet etching (isotropic etching) to achieve a very smooth surface. To help better handle these glass fragments, accessories such as straight channel chips, chamber chips, droplet generator chips, or meandering chips are also available.

Microfluidic Polymer Chips

Alfa Chemistry provides versatile, inexpensive, and robust polymer microfluidic chips for routine and reliable room temperature serial measurements.

Other Functional Chips

At Alfa Chemistry, other functional chips such as counter kit, droplet pack, and POC diagnostics are also available for microfluidic experiments.

In addition to the on-shelf microfluidic chips that are ready for use, Alfa Chemistry can also provide tailored solutions for the design and manufacturing of microfluidic devices, including various surface coatings, multilayers, different channel sizes and junction geometries, using a variety of methods such as wet etching, reactive ion etching, conventional machining, photolithography, soft lithography, hot embossing, injection molding, laser ablation, in situ construction, and plasma etching.

For more information about Alfa Chemistry’s offering of microfluidics related products and services, please visit


Alfa Chemistry

After years of efforts, Alfa Chemistry has gained strategic partnerships with many collaborators, offering rich product choices and breakthrough solutions for customers across the globe. Having deep roots in the field of microfluidics, the company is missioned to turn new ideas into reality.

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